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80s Icons

By Elma B.

The 80s style was characterized by sharp edges (e.g., severe shoulder pads), bright neon colors (e.g., the gold, silver and neon pink spandex), huge hair (i.e., a lot of teasing and hairspray), tight pants (e.g., high waist skinny pants), and extra large tops (e.g., huge blazers and off the shoulder t-shirts). Some 80s icons that left an everlasting etch in fashion include Boy George, Guns N Roses, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Kim Basinger in Batman and Madonna. 

Of course there were those movies that we can keep watching over and over like Flashdance, The Breakfast Club, Rocky, The Terminator, and Weird Science. What about Christy Brinkley? For more details of the stylish 80s moments, check out the photos below! 

Kimora Lee Simmons in Paris

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