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Which Is Your Favorite Fashion City: New York, Paris or London?

By Elma B.

I have been living in New York City for about a year now, and the city is incredible, full of energy and young ambitious individuals. I wanted to talk about the style specific to this city because the fashion scene here has its own unique imprint in comparison to London and Paris (both cities which I have had the privilege of inhabiting). 

New York, London, or Paris--
Which is Your Favorite Fashion Mecca? 

The fashionistas are definitely not as bold in their everyday fashion choices as they are in London. New York is more subdued than London; in London, I saw the edgiest pieces on Oxford Street and in Camden. Here, even the young and upbeat crowds of Soho and Meat Packing District cannot compare. However, the Parisians are even more understated in their fashion choices than New Yorkers. The colors and the cuts in Paris have been reduced to bare minimalism. Paris may as well be synonymous with "all natural" look; it is more about how you wear the clothes than what exactly you are wearing, it's about your confidence and attitude. 

Me on a rooftop in New York City 

There you have it fashionistas a bit about my experience and outlook on the fashion scenes in each of the three fashion meccas in the world. As for my favorite fashion city...hmm, not making any commitments yet ;) Below you will see my own fashion choices photographed on a rooftop in New York City. Which one is your favorite fashion destination? Leave me a comment, love hearing from you! Xoxo!

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