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East Coast Style-New York City

By Elma B.

Previously, we wrote a post on the East Coast v. West Coast style so I wanted to take it further by giving you an inside scoop on the East Coast style since I am living in New York City. 


While I am not wildly obsessed with fashion, fashion, indeed, is a part of my daily life. The preppy American look, portrayed well through Gossip Girl's character Blair Waldorf, probably epitomizes the over the top East Coast style. The more typical East Coast style and the laid back version would be Revenge's Emily Thorne (the show takes place on the beaches of the Hamptons). While I do fancy the preppy style, I still remain reluctant to pigeonhole myself as a die hard fan of any one style. 

There you have it fashionistas, a bit about New York, myself, and the East Coast style. Below, to match the mood of my post, you will see photos of my own version of the preppy East Coast style. How would you describe your style? Leave me a comment, love hearing from you! Xoxo.

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