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Top 10 Fashion Trends for Winter 2014

By Katie Miller

Winter is fast approaching, in some places it’s already here, which is why we need to get ourselves up to date on the top winter trends to stay in the fashion loop. 

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Winter 2014

10. Wedge Heels

Time to heel back up everyone; no more pimped out Berkenstocks, Nike slip-ons, or the good ol’ Old Navy sandals (there’s a reason they’re on clearance!). The great thing about wedges is that you can dress them up or down, wear them to the beach or choose a shoe version and wear them out in the cold. There’s no limit to the versatility these bad boys can offer!

Winter 2014 fashion trends: white wedge heels

9. The DIY Look

I’m not saying you should go out and buy a sewing machine; it’s the look you should be after. Ditch your sporty gear and go more of the local artisan type feel-hello, thrift stores! If you need help understanding what I’m talking about, watch Chanel’s Fall/Winter fashion show, it’s all about the patchwork, distressed textures, and embroidery.

8. Nature Inspired

Dolce and Gabbana is all about the updated floral trend whereas Valentino loves the butterflies. Just about anything and everything nature is a go and the best thing about it is you can find this fashion look at just about any store at your local mall! 

7. Linear Patterns

Be creative and bold with this fashion trend. Every store out there has a basic striped long sleeve shirt- I don’t know about you, but I’m so over that. If you absolutely can’t live without, definitely go for something like Alexander Wang who has some fresh takes on the basic linear fashion style. Otherwise, search for zig zags or other wild patterns like Stella McCartney’s never ending stripe look.

Missoni tartan cardigan 

6. The Mid-Skirt

I might get some resistance for this one…but hear me out! Yes, the sixties mini dresses are still in, but I have to argue that look was geared more toward the fall fashion season. It’s cooling down now so break out your longer styles that inch past the knee, Zara has some really cute ones, and pair them with cool patterned tights. This look goes great with a big coat and some chic heels.

Club Fashionista founder Amra B. sporting a midi skirt 

5. Flare Pants

No more squeezing yourself into your super skinnies after gorging on turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving! Instead, opt for a more laid back jean or knit pant; in case you haven’t heard, it’s all about the knits this season. Of course, skinny jeans will never go out of style, so don’t be afraid to rock them with your favorite pair of boots, but now, you can feel great about walking around in a fabulous pair of stretchy pants…when have you ever been able to say that?!

4. Darker Shades

Bright colors had their time this year. Now, it’s all about the neutrals and “murky” shades such as black, brown, plum, and burgundy. Isabel Marant has some really cool plaid and moss choices in her collection and H&M hits the nail on the head with their line as well. Need some bright in your life? Go for white! Emerald is also big right now, as seen in many collections on runways this season, including Christian Dior and Stella McCartney.

Winter Fashion Trend--
Dark Hues (Isabel Marant Winter 2014)

3. Knee High and Over the Knee Boots

This one will come as no surprise, boots have always been a winter staple and this season is no exception! Looking for a different option other than the go-to boots and skinnies? Try pairing them with a mid-length skirt and tights with a chunky turtleneck.

2. Knits

Especially all over knits. Although sweater outfits are all the rage, be sure to have some aspect of your outfit form fitting. My favorite are Céline and Stella McCartney’s super long knits; Isabel Marant has some pretty awesome knits in her collection as well, but if you’re anything like me and can’t afford designer prices, Top Shop and Zara have whole sections designated for this particular style, while H&M has a great line of comfy sweater tunics and cardigans to choose from. For more on how to rock knits this winter, click here

Club Fashionista founder Amra B. wearing a knit dress 

1. Cover Yourself

Throw those crop tops away! It’s all about the draped and layered look. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed celebs rocking the cape. It’s in. Not your style? Choose a statement coat in a neutral or murky color (prints in these colors work well too!) and throw it over the simplest outfit you own to make for a comfortable yet stylish look. 

There you have it fashionistas, the top 10 fashion trends for Winter 2014! It seems like the lesson for today was to get in touch with Mother Nature this season as she shall serve as your fashion muse! Until next time, signing-off from Las Vegas! Xo.

Winter fashion trends: Miroslava Duma wearing a cape 


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These white wedges are from H&M. Not sure if they have them in stock anymore, but I have seen the same version in black and brown on their website:

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