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Oversized Coats

By Amra B. 

For some time now, I have been obsessed with oversized coats. They are chic, elegant, and amazingly comfortable. Also, their ability to hide the rest of your outfit on those days you don’t feel like dressing up is simply GENIUS! I like oversized coats in almost any color, but my favorites for this season would have to be camel, black, blue and pastel pink. Below are some tips on how to wear your oversized coat:

  • Combine them with slim pants/jeans: A great way to balance out the “roominess” of your oversized coat is to add a pair of slim pants/jeans. Wearing a loose pant, dress, or a skirt with an oversized coat might make you look bulky. 

Oversized coat and skinny jeans 

  • Add heels: Balance out the “casual” feel of an oversized coat by adding a pair of killer heels. I love wearing strappy sandal, a peep-toe bootie, or a great pump with my oversized coat. 
Oversized coat with high heel boots 

Oversized coat with pumps 

  • Accessorize: add a fun hat or a scarf to an oversized coat. Oversized coats tend to be basic, but can be made exceptionally fun and dressy with just the right touch of wonderful accessories. 
Oversized coat with a beanie hat 

  • Wear them open: I love the way an oversized coat falls when it is worn open. I also love wearing a thick sweater underneath and a scarf to keep warm when leaving the coat unbuttoned. 
Wear your oversized coat open

Wishing you an amazing day! 

Outfit: Coat Custo Barcelona, jeans Zara, hat H&M, purse 3.1 Phillip Lim, shoes Yves Saint Laurent 


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