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Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

By Seema Kukadia

Holiday Party Best Looks

It’s that time of year again where we bring out the chunky knits and fluffy hats for the cold winter season. Whilst we are deciding how to wrap up warm for the day time, it’s also essential to put a thought towards how you are going to style yourself to look fabulous for all the holiday parties. Here are best holiday party outfit ideas. 

One of my favourite party must haves are sequin dresses, as this is the time for your wardrobe to ignite boldness and be festive. Depending on the type of party you will be attending, you can always find a range of beautifully embroidered embellished sequin dresses to match every type of festive party. You can find these sparkly pieces almost anywhere on the high street in different shapes and sizes. 

I particularly like sparkly dresses that drape well as it shows off those sparkles and creates a super elegant look. My favourite colours to look for are: red, green and electric blue when purchasing holiday festive attire. Not only because they cohere with the festive occasions, but it also is good to stand out and be different as most people tend to stick to the same conventional colours. Undeniably as a person who loves wearing black, I will admit you can never go wrong with a lovely black dress; as this would be suitable for all your parties.

For those of you who don’t like wearing fancy dresses, I would recommend purchasing a pair of silk (or anything shimmering) colourful trousers. With this you can always match an elegant sheer blouse and accessories it with statement jewelery. To top of these holiday party outfit ideas, always wear a chic fitted blazer and throw on a pair of fancy heels.

If you want to stand out and try something different experiment with different textures, I really like this DKNY ready to wear piece. Whilst glitter sequin dresses will never go old for the holiday season, adding a bit more dimension to your looks can help create an edgy look. I love how this dress has lace as well as feathers. Lace is such an elegant decorative fabric; by pairing it with feathers it creates a flowy and flirty feel to the dress.

Complete your party look with these simple holiday makeup ideas. I hope you all enjoyed this post and have an amazing holiday, feel free to share your favourite holiday party outfit ideas in the comment box below!


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