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Fashion Trend: Chic Minimalism

By Elma B.

I am not a huge fan of the minimalist design but it makes sense--getting rid of unnecessary to make room for what matters. Recently, I read an article that emphasized that minimalist fashion was just a reflection of the current state of our economical crisis.  Another inspiration for the minimalist look is the French chic, with its simple cuts and designs. 

What I do appreciate about the minimalist aesthetic is getting rid of the excess clutter. So, how to get the minimalist-chic-look that has been sweeping across the fashion, interior design and beauty industries (even Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have an entire line inspired by the minimalist-chic design)? Here are...

The 5 Key Steps Towards the Minimalist-Chic Look:

1. Tone down the colors. Out with the bright colors and in with the cool blues, black, white and browns. The minimalist look exhumes freshness and coolness. 


2. Back to basic pieces. Pick basic fashion pieces, which have a simple design and cut. For instance, stick to black booties, large sweaters, and  your favorite jeans. For our full list of the 10 fashion essentials, click here

Minimalist look

3. Buy quality not quantity. Buy the pieces that will last you for years to come. Check that the material is almost 100% cotton, tweed or silk; feel it, thick or thin cotton, tweed or silk? For instance, if the cashmere is thin, it is more likely to rip (happened to me). Also, the thicker the zipper (on shoes, bags or wherever), the more likely it will last longer. Overall, make sure to feel the material out.

Minimalism beauty: let your hair loose, no blow-drying

4. Get rid of clutter. There is so much in our closets that we do not need; we may have bought it just because it was on sale but in fact rarely ever wear it or have worn it once and realized it is too tacky. Take those items you rarely wear to a consignment store, so at least you can make some money back from them rather than have them sit in your closet collecting dust and creating clutter. 

5. Replace rather than increase. So your favorite fashion pieces are worn-out? No problem! Just replace them! It is better to have those few key pieces that you can wear everyday or that dress that you can wear to almost any occasion than to have a closet full of clothes that you seldom wear. 

I decided to channel my inner minimalist-chic by wearing cool blue colors and simple cuts, evident by my long-one-piece dress, a black bag, and my hat. Fashionistas, what do you think of the minimalist-chic look? What are you favorite essentials? Leave me a comment, love hearing from you! Until next time, xoxo from New York! 


Unknown said...

Wow I like you do you have boyfriend?

Unknown said...

Wow I like you do you have boyfriend?


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