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How to Rock Your Sneakers Outside the Gym

By Kati Miller

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that sportswear is the new “it” trend this season. But pairing sneakers with our everyday outfits can seem like quite a daunting task, especially when we’re not wearing just jeans and a tee. Here is a list of suggestions on how to wear this fashion trend and stay stylish while keeping comfortable with this new style...

1. Ditch the chunky shoe for cult trainers.

Don’t be afraid to wear a nice pair of cult trainers or saddle shoes as a light alternative to a chunky shoe. Hogan makes an adorable pair of wing tips and Nike makes a much more affordable version of the mesh cults as well. This style works especially well with dresses, skirts, and skinnies!

The Lovely Pepa (Spanish fashion blogger)

2. Clashing Colors.

Dark and light hues now go together! Contrary to what you have been taught in the past, clashing colors is not only in but it’s the must have look. Try to incorporate a color from your outfit into the shoe. For example, if you’re wearing pastels, choose a dark colored shoe with a pastel in it.

3. Complementary Color Palette. 

Don’t feel the pressure to conform to rule number two if you aren’t feeling it. You will see plenty of celebs rocking the usual trend of keeping their entire outfit in a complementary color palette. As seen with two of the darker hues above, the wedge heel is still very much in; Isabel Marant and Ash offers gorgeous pairs and Puma, Rocket Dog, Candies, and even Tom’s is getting in on the wedge heel trend in fashion!

4. Recycling Your Wardrobe. 

Don’t ditch your oldie but goodies! There couldn’t possibly be a sneakers trend without honoring your favorite pair of Vans or Converse Chuck Taylor’s…they will always be in. Pair your classic styles with cropped trousers or skinnies and a coat for a beautifully timeless look.

5. Use a cool pair of kicks to add some color to your ensemble. Pair bright colored heels with neutral colors. Keep the rest of your look simple so your outfit doesn’t look too busy. Curious to see other fashion trends in sportswear? Click here

I am right there with you if you are slightly weary about this new fashion trend, especially the dresses and sneakers, but just remember: fashion is an ever evolving phenomenon and sometimes unique looks take some getting used to!

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