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Most Extravagant Shoes Ever Made

By Avery Carruthers

Calling all shoe lovers, calling all shoe lovers, this post is for YOU. Who here loves high heels? Or maybe you prefer a nice pair of wedges? Whatever your style may be, I am sure we can all agree that shoes are fabulous. I mean, come on, they are a girl’s best friend! 

Alexander McQueen Armadillo and Alien Shoes

With that being said, have you ever wondered what are the most extravagant shoes ever made? If you don’t know the answer, then continue reading because you will not want to miss this collection. Without further ado... 

5 Shoes That Revolutionized the Fashion World:

1. Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Nature seems to describe this collection designed by Alexander McQueen. According to Fashion and Style, “Alexander McQueen was indeed one of the most inspiring and unique designers ever.” Baroque details are identified within these shoes through the heel’s shape and the butterfly designs. Gold defines the vibe of this collection made in 2011.

2. Jimmy Choo ‘Bohemian Luxe Defined’

Jimmy Choo sure outdid himself when he created these cutout booties. Would you look at the detail reflected in the prints? Created in Fall 2011, Jimmy Choo’s, Kevan Woven Leather and Suede Sandals, cost over $2,000. Apparently, they were sold out immediately... not surprising, right?

3. Christian Louboutin “Ballerina” Slipper

According to Mail Online, “These shoes aren’t made for walking.” Man, did they hit the nail right on the head. Inspired by a prima ballerina’s accessory (the pointe shoe), Christian Louboutin created this heel in 2011 to help raise money for the English National Ballet. This eight-inch heel not only contains the famous red sole, but the crystals are studded by Swarovski as well. He said of the slipper, “Isn’t the classical dancing ballet slipper the ultimate heel?”

4. Nicholas Kirkwood “Alice in Wonderland”

London-based designer Nicholas Kirkwood was involved in a Disney-filled project regarding the famous movie, Alice In Wonderland, back in 2010. Kirkwood told VOGUE, “My interpretation for Alice is all about fantasy and fun through escapism.” The pieces will feature in in the Boulevard Haussman’s store’s window display to honor Tim Burton’s version of Alice In Wonderland.

5. Alexander McQueen ‘Armadillo’ and ‘Alien’ Shoes

Alexander McQueen does it again! Would you look at these shoes? Definitely a heel I have seen Lady Gaga style before (namely in her music video, Bad Romance). In 2009, as apart of his Spring/Summer 2010 collection, McQueen created both the Armadillo and the Alien shoe. The Alien was covered in satin while the Armadillo was sported scaly animal skin. Both are 10 inches and have brought both “drama and theater to the runway,” said Fashion Review.

There you have it fashionistas, the most extravagant shoes ever made! Which ones are your favorite or least favorite? Leave a comment, we love hearing from you! Xoxo.

Alexander McQueen 2011 Collection

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