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Latest Fashion Trends: Workout Goddess

By Fatima N.
Edited by Jessica Miller

How to Work It While You Work Out

At first thought, active wear doesn't seem like a part of fashion nomenclature. Think again. All over the Fall 2014 runways, the latest fashion trend was to put some effort in your sportswear, whether at the gym or while about and about on the bustling city streets. Here are the latest trends in fashion for sportswear...

1. Sporty jackets: 

For fashionistas looking to get a breath of fresh air this fall and winter, find a beautiful jacket that will both keep you warm and complement your features. Take into consideration rain and temperature when picking out this piece. 

2. Printed work-out pants:

Wild pants are all the buzz this fitness season. For those of you confidence or brave enough for the attention, definitely try these as they are a show stopper. Fitness tip: make sure to find ones where the elasticity band is not too tight but strong enough so the pants do not slide off your waist. 

Supermodel Izabel Goulart in printed pants 

3. Motivational t-shirts: 

Motivational t-shirts are not only a morale booster but are great conversation starters! Pick ones that speak to you personally and that will have you running out the door and sweating it in the gym until you hit your ideal weight. Remember, it's not only about getting there but it's about staying there as well. More on tips and tricks on how to stay motivated to work out here.

4. Harem pants:

Whether you want to relax or workout, harem pants can go both ways. They are comfortable, and definitely make a fashion statement. Tip: make sure the pants are appropriate for the type of work out you are doing so you do not slip.

5. Neon colors:

Whether it is summer/spring or fall/winter, neon colors are here to stay for your workout gear. I suggest a royal purple or light blue for the fall/winter. Lastly, safety first: you are the most visible when running outside in neon colors. 

Now, if you are huge fan of fashionable workout clothes, I suggest you look at two of my favorite designers (below) because this season, workout clothes are no longer limited to the gym premises. 


In the sporty luxe that was Chanel's runway show, sneakers were worn by the models. Both the recent couture show and the Fall 2014 Ready to Wear featured them. If you have the cash, they're perfect for hitting the gym or the pavement.

2. AW x H&M

“We wanted to take certain elements of each sport and portray the ultimate warrior," Alexander Wang said of his H&M collaboration (coming out November 6). The collection consists of parkas, shorts, logo tops and other active wear. Also, this fashion trend is more accessibly priced.

There you have it fashionistas, top fashion trends for your workout gear. So go ahead dear reader, run, ski, jump rope, anything. Get your body moving, and look fabulous in these latest fashion trends while doing it!

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