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Midi Skirts for the Fall

By Amra B. 

I am a big fan of midi skirts, and this autumn I managed to find some in a beautiful array of fall colors. I am especially crazy about this deep orange color and how easily it can be paired up with other pieces in my closet; I wear it with black blazer and a simple black t-shirt, cropped sweater, or a graphic print (like I did in the photos below). 

Midis are my go to choice for the office look, and I have found them to be particularly fun for the weekend with a crop top as well. Below are some suggestions on how to wear midis this fall:

1. Pair them up with a thick sweater: 

Stay warm (and cool) by combining your midi with a thick sweatshirt or a knit. 

Midis and Thick Sweaters 

2. Go for the simple white button down:

Add a crisp white shirt for a total “très chic” office attire.  

Midis and white shirts

3. Add a crop top: 

take your midi from day to night by adding a crop top and some killer heels. 

Midi skirt and crop top

4. Pair them up with fall sandals/pumps: 

Fall sandals perfectly compliment any midi. For a more “winter ready” look, add a pair of high heel booties. 

Midi and fall sandal/pumps 

Outfit below: Skirt and Shirt Zara, shoes Chloe, belt Burberry, sunglasses and necklace Topshop, purse Gucci, bracelet vintage

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