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Runway Makeup For Everyday

By Catherine Santino

Runway Inspired Makeup For Everyday

This season, there have been some outrageous makeup trends on the runways. These looks are great for complementing designs in a fashion show, but aren’t all that appropriate to wear in everyday life. However, we can take inspiration from these makeup styles and adapt them to a more understated look. I’ve found three runway looks that are easily adaptable for everyday wear, but can still add a bit of a dramatic flair. 

1) Dior Swarovski Crystal Lips: 

In their 2014 show, Dior had their models wear a bold red lip complete with actual Swarovski crystals. Aside from the obvious fact that this is an incredibly unaffordable option, it also isn’t very practical. But by adding a bit of Ben Nye Glitter in the shade Fire Red to your red lipstick (or even your eyeshadow), you can add a beautiful shimmer without going overboard.

2) Chanel Pastel Eyes: 

This season, Chanel’s makeup look has been all about the bold, geometric black liner with soft pastel colors. By just adding a shade or two of pastel eye colored shadows to your winged liner, you can create a similar effect that is much more wearable. Using gel eyeliners can really help to get the boldest, longest lasting lines. 

3) Celine Eyebrows:

 Celine’s runway makeup looks have been featuring a lot of very strong eyebrows. This is a look that is being seen more and more all over, not just on the runways. To tone this look down for everyday but still add a bit of boldness, use a brow pencil to create a strong, arched eyebrow that frames your face beautifully. 

These are just a few ways you can incorporate runway makeup looks into your daily routine. If you see any other bold runway looks that inspire you, simply look for drugstore or high street products that can be used instead. These products will be much more affordable and more practical for everyday use. 

Runway Eye Makeup from Dior to Chanel

Runway Lips (Dolce & Gabbana left)

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