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Why Writing is Therapeutic

By Elma B.

Over the years, I have used my notepad as my most trusted confidant for whom nothing is beyond her level of comprehension and no thought is too private to share. Bare with me--have you ever had an experience upon which you would like to reflect, perhaps in detail, in order to learn? At that particular point in time, there was no one you could share this experience with--perhaps it was a tumultuous day at work, a relationship gone awry or simply a moment on a beautiful spring day you wanted to savor.  

Almost all of us have a jumble of thoughts that interrupt each other inside of our head as we process our everyday experiences. One sort of therapy is meditation, which helps stop the banter and provides the kind of withdrawal that fosters peace within us. Another sort of therapy, which serves as a catharsis to the chaotic thoughts racing through our mind, is writing. 

I prefer writing, if I had to choose between the two, because it resembles cognitive therapy, where by releasing your experiences onto the notepad, all of a sudden your life does not seem as chaotic. Writing sheds perspective. Or, all of a sudden, there are no longer two or three options but only one that seems so clear after writing down the pros and cons of the other two. Without further ado, here are the...

Top reasons to turn to writing as therapy: 


1. Perspective. 

Problems always seem bigger inside our head. When you write down what bothers you, you shed perspective on your life. The words "oh, it isn't so bad," often cross my mind. 

2. No reservation. 

When speaking with a friend or even a close family member, you may have reservations about sharing everything or going on about the details that are bothering you. You may think "who wants to hear all of this?" or "that would be embarrassing to share!" With your notepad, you can let it all out, even the minute details that have crossed your mind. 

3. Creative. 

With writing, you can be creative. The way you formulate your thoughts on paper, organize your pattern of thinking, or even express yourself can take on a creative form. Perhaps, this is why poets have made a sort of art out of their play on words. 

4. Catharsis

There is no better feeling than letting it all out. Afterwards, there is almost a sort of air about you that makes you feel lighter. Keeping your feelings, anxiety and worries bottled-up leads to stress; unload that baggage onto the paper with your pen.

5. Sharing. 

If you decide to share your experience communicated through your writing, e.g., blog, you may be delightfully surprised just how many people can relate. You may even receive empathy notes for what you have gone through and support for your journey ahead. Almost every time I receive response from my fans, I am pleasantly delighted. 

There you have it, top 5 reasons to keep a journal and use writing as therapy. What are your thoughts and experiences of using writing as therapy? Leave me a comment below, I love hearing from you! 

(p.s. For the fashionistas, my outfit dissected: chunky sweater and knee-high black socks from Zara, bag by Burberry Brit, sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, and sandals by Prada.)

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