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How to Be a Lady in the 21st Century

By Elma B.

Chivalry, honor and integrity may seem like outdate words, perhaps vestiges from the long ago. The millennial, and dare I say even the baby boomer, generation have been liberated from the behavioral constraints that came along with being a woman. While I am a 1000% behind women holding power positions and advancing around the world, I think being a powerful woman is not mutually exclusive with being a lady. 

Holding your ground and maintaing self-respect may be just what you need to be a better you, without further ado here is...

How to be a lady (and a powerful woman) in the 21st century:

1. Posture

I have observed that many women have terrible posture when presenting and are even apologetic (will say sorry several time during a conservation) when speaking in public.  Many will even giggle when giving a talk in public or at a round table discussion. What you do not realize is that most of our communication is non-verbal so the fact that you are slouching, giggling and apologizing is communicating lack of confidence and submissiveness. 

So, stand up straight, use your arms when talking and speak in an assertive voice. Let your audience know that you know what you know what you are talking about not only through your actual knowledge but also through your body language. 


2. Patience

When I began exercising religiously, one of the first phrases I learned was "slow and steady wins the race." I think this not only applies to exercise but to our overall life. Whatever you are pursuing, whether that is a certain position at work, a body type or even a love interest, be patient and steady. Pushing events to happen beyond their natural state of evolvement tends to quickly back-fire. So, hold your ground and work persistently and patiently, your calm energy will carry you through to your goal/s.

3. Style

I do not think there is right or wrong answer to style except be yourself and wear fitted clothes. Worry about establishing credibility through the quality of your work and not about fitting in through your wardrobe. I often see women (and men) in suits that look like clones. Be yourself, free your mind from stuffy rules that no longer make sense. For the women not afraid to take risks with your wardrobes, whatever you do, make sure your clothes are fitted. 

Nothing will make you look more over weight and unpleasant than clothes that are too small. When in doubt, pick a shirt, skirt or pants that are one size larger because you will look more elegant and actually skinnier. Importantly, you will feel a lot more comfortable in your skin with a looser wardrobe than when your circulation is cut off by your tight pants (speaking from personal experience) or your tight skirt. Remember you wardrobe is supposed to compliment your figure and not make your flaws stand-out. 

There you have it ladies, my 3 golden rules on how to be a lady (and a powerful woman) in the 21st century. What does being a lady and a modern woman mean to you? Leave me your comments, love hearing from you! Until next time fashionistas, stay beautiful and confident, xoxo. 

(P.S. For the fashionistas, my outfit dissected: tank and skirt from Forever 21, necklace and sunglasses from Zara, and shoes by Fendi.)


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