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Beyonce –The Beauty Icon

 By Catherine Santino 

Who Is Your Beauty Icon?

To me, Beyonce embodies everything that I believe beauty is: confidence, fearlessness, the ability to be completely and unapologetically herself. Her looks are bold and unique, and I definitely look up to her as a beauty and fashion icon.

A True Fashion Chameleon:

Something that makes Beyonce so captivating as a fashion and beauty icon is that she is not afraid to change-up her looks on a consistent basis. She’s a fashion chameleon. She can easily pull off a multitude of drastically different looks, and it’s not just because of her appearance. It’s because of her confidence. 

Beyonce's Street Style 
Her latest album included over a dozen music videos, each of which was styled in a completely different way. Beyonce managed to conform to these different styles in such an impressive and convincing way. One minute her look is reminiscent of the 1970s disco era, complete with shiny red lipstick and fluorescent clothing, and the next she’s roaming tropical beaches with her daughter, bare faced and natural with long, flowing hair. She manages to embody these different looks because of her ability to explore different sides to herself. She understands that beauty is not one dimensional and refuses to stick to one specific look.

The different looks of Beyonce

Natural Beauty:

Beyonce also understands that beauty is about more than your appearance. She’s not afraid to go without makeup when she’s off the clock, and acknowledges that what truly brings her happiness is her family. In her song, “***Flawless,” it’s not external beauty that she’s praising. She describes that various lessons and values taught to her by those close to her, and how they have shaped her into the person she is now.

Beyonce without makeup

It’s obvious that Beyonce has established herself as Queen of the music industry as of late. However, just as important is what she has shown us about the true definition of beauty. Her courage, bravery, and honesty are what make her beautiful, and attributes we should all push ourselves towards. Until next time, stay beautiful on the inside and out, xoxo. 

My Beauty Icon: Beyonce

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