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Fashion Trends: Pop of Neon

By Elma B.

Flashback to the roller skate parties and glow sticks in the retro 1980s when neon colors were all the buzz, and then fast forward to 2014 and neon still remains an "it"  color-hue in the fashion world. This season, all the talk is about neon sneakers whether talking about luxury designers like Gucci or high street brands like Nike. 

Me in Neon
This season: neon slips, sneakers and nails
Styling tip: when wearing neon, I suggest pairing a neon hue with another neon hue and/or an under radar color like black. You want to be careful so you do not end up looking like one giant glow stick! 

Club Fashionista girl Senka H. in neon
Personally, I like neon because it compliments well my dark brown hair and looks great on summer tanned skin. Also, when living in a busy city like New York, I know I will not go unnoticed by cabs and other cars when crossing the streets. What's your favorite neon piece this season? 

Neon in the 1980s: Madonna (left), the Go-Gos (center) and cassette tapes and scrunchies (right)

Neon Outfit Inspiration 
Neon Outfit Inspiration 

Below, you will see photos of how I wore a sheer neon slip shirt and some of my other favorite neon fashion pieces. Until next time fashionistas, signing-off from New York City. Xoxo. 

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