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Denim Overalls

Amra B. 

I am a huge fan of denim; if I had it my way, I would wear it to work, meetings, parties, formals, everywhere! Denim is flattering for any body shape, it is comfortable to wear, and looks so SEXY! YES; I feel my best in a pair of great jeans or denim shorts! One great trend that has come back full force for this summer is denim overalls; they are not just for kids anymore, and styled the right way, they look extremely chic and sexy! 

The unique feature of the denim overalls is the flattering cut; they expose just the right parts of the body and hide the problem areas incredibly well. I also like how versatile they are: a quick change of shirt and shoes can transform your entire look. I wear mine with tanks, t-shirts, button downs, and top them off with amazing sandals, pumps, espadrilles, and even sneakers. 

Here are some tips on how to wear your denim overalls for the best effect: 

1. Leave some room to breathe: denim overalls are meant to be worn loose and they are more flattering when they are a size bigger. 
2. Choose an appropriate top: tops that are too small will give the illusion of “muffin tops” even when you don’t have one. The deep cut on the sides draws attention to your abdominal area and having a top that compliments your waist is imperative. 
3. Choose length: for the short denim overalls, pick the ones that are a little longer. Very short denim shorts can give the illusion of a boxy top and are not always the most flattering. 

Wishing you an amazing day!  

Outfit: Overalls Zara, tanktop Intermix, shoes Balenciaga, purse Bally, hat Zara, sunnies Ray Ban (vintage)

Long Denim Overalls 

Short Denim Overalls

Short Denim Overalls 

Studded Sandals Detail 

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