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A New Kind of High- Hemp Beauty Products

By Rachael Shearer

While perusing the aisles of online shopping, I came across a series of creams, cremes, balms, salves… all containing hemp. Confused by why people would be lathering their skin in weed, I did a little research and decided to try out a few of these products. Turns out, hemp could be the best thing out there for your skin and actually won’t get you stoned in the process. Here’s the how, the why, and which products to try. 

Where hemp comes from...
What is hemp? Don’t worry, this is the non-drug variety of cannabis – so you won’t get high from using these products. However, there are healthy highs to be found - fiber, oil, and seed. Hemp is commonly used to make paper & rope, more recently in food, then in fashion, and now in beauty products. Hemp cells are similar to our skin cells which helps us to absorb all of the natural goodness.

Natural skincare products by BearsBeauty
Why is it good for you? Hemp contains nourishing plant seed oils, antioxidants, cannabinoids (compounds that reduce inflammation), and THC (active ingredient in marijuana) which is highly effective for acne & dry skin. In shampoos & conditioners, it produces omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids which work as great emollient for hair. Also, hemp is the only plant containing vitamin D which is an ideal supplement for vegans. 

What are the best products?

Apothecanna Calming Pain Crème. These guys were one of the first to use hemp in beauty products in Colorado 2010 and became the first first to be licensed to use it in USA – some products contain THC which you need a medical license to obtain, but others are more widely available and Urban Outfitters carries a line. 

Their pain crème contains healing arnica, soothing peppermint and rejuvenating juniper – cooling on the skin with that deep heat punch from the arnica, this is both effective and surprisingly relaxing. .

Earthly Body: They boast a huge range of products from creams to candles – I recommend the candles which you can melt, use as a massage oil and they’re edible too. They’re the perfect way to enjoy all the benefits of hemp as skincare and nutrition – plus they’re fun! Earthly body’s website also provides tons of info on the science behind their products which are all 100% drug free/

The Body Shop: Hemp Body Butter: As a well-known trusted brand, The Body Shop has incorporated hemp into some of its best loved products. The Body Butter is great for repairing dry skin – especially extremely dry skin – and it leaves your skin moisturized for up to 24 hours. Smooth, supple, soft and silky – this is the body butter I already knew and loved but with more to it. 

Benefits: Stronger, thicker hair, stronger nails, softer skin, the prevention of heart disease, the relief of menstrual cramps, the list goes on… What I found is that there is no oily build up like other oil based moisturizers, and there is the visible blends and relief of blemishes. Apothecanna comes with my highest recommendation, but the others are a little more playful and fun for an introduction to hemp.

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