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Braids, Buns, and Bouncy Curls: Style Tips for the Girl on the Go

By Sarah Baker

Do you want to have the braids, buns, and bouncy curls of celebrities, but don’t have the time or money for a professional stylist? These hairstyles can actually be really quick and easy.


I love braids. They are quick and easy and a lot of the time they can be done while your hair is still wet, saving you the time it takes to dry it. I personally love to do the Katnis style braid. I start at one side and work my way around the back of my head to the other. I either cap it off by finishing the braid or putting the ends in a messy bun. Other quick and easy braids are achievable by just braiding part of your hair, either the top or side or front, and then curling or straightening the rest. If you braid first, then you have less to work with when you straighten or curl it.  Braided headbands are really stylish as well. With these, you can do the rest of your hair in a variety of styles including leaving it down, putting it in a bun, side pony or a regular pony. Check out these quick and easy braids how tos.


Messy buns are my go to when I run out of time in the morning. Pair you wet, messy bun with a cute headband or flower and it can look like you spent hours on what only took you minutes. A lot of bun styles can also be done while your hair is wet, saving you a lot of time. If you have textured hair, mousse it up and put it in a messy bun where you hair is falling down around your face and in your bun. Add a flower and it’s really cute. Another quick and easy way to do a bun is to use one of the bun helpers, it creates a quick, sleek bun. You can also incorporate the braid into your bun in many ways. You can braid it and bun it, add some random braids to your bun, or wrap a braid around your bun. Check out these quick and easy bun how tos.

Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls can also be done while your hair is wet, or at least it’s on way to do it. By using a blow dryer and a round brush, you can achieve beautiful curls while your hair is somewhat wet. Another tip to make curling it go quicker is to curl it in quick tight spirals and then when you’re done either brush the curls out, run your fingers through them, or whip your hair up and down. This breaks the curls up and give you curls with volume. To take less time, curl your hair in just a few big sections instead of a lot of tiny ones. You can also achieve big curls by using a flat iron. Check out these quick and easy curl how tos.

Hopefully these simple tips have helped you to achieve the braids, buns, and curls that you desire. Try them out and show them off! Until next time. xoxo

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