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Art Expo New York Reviews

By Elma B.

The first time I went to ArtExpo was in Chicago, the art I saw there was breathtaking; artists from all around the world gathered under one roof to exhibit their art, from modern sculptures to classical paintings. What was marvelous was that each artist had his or her own style, which was clearly influenced by the part of the world the artist originated from. 

Me at Art Expo New York
Art Expo New York City ("Artexpo") did not dissapoint, it took place under one roof at Pier 94. I met established and emerging artist from around the globe; I could feel the spirits of the artists emerging from their works of art; there was the story behind the art, the culture and the vivid work of art itself.

I did not realize I was witnessing the world's largest fine art marketplace. There was over 15,000 art enthusiasts attending! What fascinated me was the variety of forms of art: there were the ceramics, sculptures, litographs, glass works and traditional paintings. I had the chance to speak to several artists ranging from Argentina to China. If you are a lover of art like myself, I would highly recommend you going; next year (2015), it is from April 16-19; you will not be disappointed--rather you will feel refreshed and enriched with the diversity of art and culture. 

Below, I have included some of my favorite photos from the Artexpo, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did. Until next time fashionistas, stay cultured and fabulous, xoxo. 

Some of my favorite works for art,
reminded me of Star Wars 

Carved wooden painting: rich, vivid and beautiful

James Bond Actors Throughout Time 
By an artist from Argentina 

American artist  (and fashionista) Barbara Tyler Ahlfield 
The colors were captivating!

China's artist depicts life in the countryside 

Culture Icon: the late Steve Jobs 
The king of fashion: Karl Lagerfeld 
Angelina Jolie beautifully captured in a moment...

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