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Your TOTAL Spring/Summer Beauty Trends Guide

By Sarah Baker

With Fashion Week behind us, we here at Club Fashionista were curious to see what was up in the world of beauty, so we decided to take a peek at the newest spring/summer beauty trends. We wanted to see what some of the major designers were doing as far as hair and makeup for the spring/summer time. Peeked your curiosity? Come take a look...

Hair and Makeup:

For spring and summer, nude with pops of color is in. You can add that color to your lips with a bright red or orange lipstick or to your eyes with a blue, smoky or green eye shadow. 

As far as hair goes, there are a few styles that are popular. For haircuts, short and choppy or long and sleek are the go to. If you’re just looking for a style, try the messy braid, an ornate ponytail, or windswept up do. You can also add some flowers or headpieces to give it just the right look. 

What to Expect from Designers:

1. Chanel: This season, Chanel is keeping it light and joyful. To do this, use pink, coral, and plum for your nails, coral for your cheeks, pops of fuchsia for your lips and top it off with the smoky eye. For hair, the ornate ponytail is a big trend. 

2. Tod’s: Keeping it simple, Tod’s is going with a soft and delicate color pallet. For this look, use the palest of mauves, the lightest of pinks, and just a wash of lavender. For hair, the slicked back pony tail is big.

3. Christian Dior: Dior is going for the bare skin look this season. For this, use a very subtle pink on your nails, a small amount of mascara accented with bronze eye shadow, and a bright red lipstick to keep the mouth the focus of the face. Hair is just as “naked.” Simple, loose and falling on your shoulders is the way to complete this look. 

Christian Dior Resort 2014
4. Marc Jacobs: This season, Marc Jacobs is going for a naked look for your skin. To obtain this look, keep your face simple. No big mascara, eye shadow or lipstick, instead add jolts of bright eyeliner. For hair, the choppy bob is what is in for them.

5. Burberry: Burberry’s look for the spring is English Rose. There are two different color pallets to achieve this look. The Rose Pink Look consists of pink, purple, and mauve on your nails, pink on your cheeks, a lavender lip glow for your lips, and for your eyes, a midnight brown liner and midnight black mascara. The Sage Green Look consists of mink, pale yellow and sage green on your nails, tangerine blush, a clear lip glow, and for your eyes, a sage green pallet with midnight black mascara and liner. For hair, keeping it straight, sleek, and casual is the way to go.

6. Alexander McQueen: Like so many other designers, Alexander McQueen has gone with the nude look for spring. Taking it to a little more extreme, there is very little color, if any on your face. Using nude eye color, a dab of mascara, and nude lip color, you can achieve this look easily and fairly quickly. For hair, keep it simple, just like the makeup. 

Bring on the nudes and pinks! It has been a dreary winter and I am so excited to bust out these colors and a cute, new hairstyle! They are sure to look good with your spring time floral and breezy dresses. Spring time is meant to be fun and flirty, so pick your look and enjoy! 

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