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New Fashion Trend: 1990s Flannel

By Amra B. 

One of my favorite trends from the 1990s is the flannel shirt. I remember watching Claire Danes in My So-Called Life and wanting to be just like her by wearing flannel shirts with flower printed dresses while dating Jared Leto, who was my teenage dream.  I still love flannel (and Jared Leto) but now choose to wear it in a more subtle way. I like wearing flannel shirts beneath a suit/jacket (as shown in my photos below) or wrapped around my waist. 

Although some women's stores may carry it as well, I find that the easiest way to find flannel is in men's department stores (mine is a vintage find from a men's shop in Madrid, Spain),  Here are some tips on how to wear your flannel: 

  • Flannel with jeans: I absolutely adore flannel with ripped jeans (for the total '90s grunge effect, layer a flannel shirt over a gray or a white t-shirt).
  • Flannel on flannel: for the office look, you can add a flannel shirt over a flannel skirt. If you fear that this is too much print, throw over a black or a gray blazer/knit. 
  • Flannel scarves: I absolutely adore flannel scarves, and I have recently seen some amazing ones in Zara. They look great paired with a unicolored jacket or a suit
Outfit: coat Ralph Lauren, scarf Club Monaco, jeans Zara, shirt vintage, boots Michael Kors, purse Salvatore Ferragamo, sunglasses Prada, rings Forever21 and vintage

Flannel Dress

90s Grunge inspired flannel look 
Claire Danes in My So-Called Life 

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