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Ease into Spring

By Amra B. 

Spring is coming and I am just eagerly awaiting to shed all my layers of clothing, skip the bulky jackets, and reach for blazers and pretty dresses. With warmer weather on its way, I have also been inspired to incorporate some color into my ensemble; In winter months, I am dedicated to my usual palette of gray, black, and brown. However, new season requires some getting used to: it is wise to start (subtly) adding pops of color here and there. In line with this thinking, I dug up my green/turquoise jacket and matched it with a white tee. I  still kept the rest of my ensemble black, but the colors made me feel refreshed and enthusiastic about the coming warmer months. 

My advice for easing into color: 
  • Start digging through your spring/summer clothes: I don't just go shopping for new colorful pieces. There are so many great finds stashed away from the previous summer and spring that I have forgotten about. Finding these "lost" treasures is fun and good for my bank account as well.   
  • Splurge on an amazing lipstick: now that you have just skipped a (possibly expensive) shopping spree, you will not feel guilty to splurge on a colorful and luxurious spring lipstick. I really like rose/pink colored lipsticks/lipglosses for the spring. The one I am wearing is 169 Jalousie by Chanel. 
  • Add a spring fragrance to match: If you already look like spring, then you should smell like it as well. I am a big believer in perfumes having the power to transform your mood, and nothing signals spring to me like the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass. My pick for spring is Infusion D'Iris By Prada. I also like Un Jardin Sur Le Toit by Hermes and Rosabotanica by Balenciaga. 
Wishing you a wonderful start to this new season! 

Outfit: Blazer H&M, skirt Zara, t-shirt INC International Concepts, belt Burberry, purse Gucci, boots Rachel Zoe, bracelet Intermix, hat H&M

Boots I am wearing (by Rachel Zoe)

Perfect Spring Parfumes

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