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10 Most Unbelievable Places in the World

By Lizbeth Perez

They say happiness is a journey; not a destination, and I can’t help but agree.  We live in a world full of wonders and beauty at every turn, which many of us can hope to experience first hand. I am a big believer in traveling, mainly because I really do think it helps shape you not only as a person but humbles you and forces you to look at the big picture; ultimately changing you before you need to make life changing decisions, such as marriage, children, and career paths…

Me in Japan

I have compiled a list, which was incredibly hard to put together. The world is full of amazing places, and I really do believe that this list I have compiled really is only intended to get you started. No, I have not been lucky enough to have been to all of these places, yet. The few that I have missed, I hope to one-day see and as for the ones I have seen; I can only hope to see again. So without further adieu, please start your savings accounts, and take a look of some of the most amazingly beautiful places in the world…in no particular order.

1. Split, Croatia

I had the pleasure of visiting this seaside city during my time in the military. To say that the city was picturesque is one of the largest understatements I have made. Everywhere you look, there was beauty; both in the modern and ancient sense. In the center of the city stands what is called “Old Town” which is where the city itself originated. As the city progressed, the original foundations were kept and the city of Split kept building itself in the modern sense outwards towards the coast. And this is what we ended up with…

Old Town Split 
Split: View From the Top
Split at Night 
Split: View from the Marina
Split at Night 
2. Japan

I traveled all over Japan roughly one year ago. It is one of those countries that I think everyone should visit at least once, if they can. The sheer natural beauty is abundant everywhere you look. I have never been to a place where you are in a hustling bustling modern day city, only to turn a corner and be in a religious temple or forest. There are extravagant castles, exciting nightlife and shopping as well as a different vending machine on every corner. 

Hitachi Park
Hitachi Park 
Me in Japan 
Me in the Traditional Japanese Dress, the Kimono 
Me in Japan
Underwater Roller-Coaster in Japan 
Kitakyu Japan
Kyoto at Night 
Matsumo Castle 
Mount Fuji, Japan
Okinawa, Japan 
3. Paris, France

Of all of the places I’ve been; I must say that Paris has become my favorite. I’m not exactly sure what I fell in love with, but before I knew it I was head over heals. The architecture, the food, the shiny lights and beautiful people…it’s hard to take it all in during one trip. This is why I really do hope to make it back at some point.

Me Beneath the Eiffel Tower 
The Louvre in Paris 
Sacre Coeur at Night 

The Moulin Rouge in Paris 
Montmartre Paris 
Notre Dame Paris 
Me in Paris: View From the Top at Sacre Coeur 
4. French Polynesia

Whenever I am asked where my dream vacation would be, all I think about are a set of islands with sculpted sky-piercing, and moss green peaks that are lined with vivid turquoise lagoons. These islands are the islands that compose the French Polynesia (i.e., Moorea, Bora Bora, Tahiti and French Polynesia) and, in my opinion, are truly a place to take it slow and experience the warm, laid-back island vacation. 

Bora Bora 
Bora Bora 
Bora Bora 
5. Italy

This is another country that I found impossible to just pick one city. I have travelled all over Italy from the north, down to Sicily. Every region of Italy is a world of its own full of beauty and history, and people who are proud to be from wherever they are more than happy to show you why they have the best olives or wine or pasta. My advice: try it all…

Cinque Terre 

Me in Rome 

The Spanish Steps 
Portofino, Italy 
6. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

I am partial to natural beauty, and there really are few places that are more majestic than the Horseshoe Falls, and the view, from Niagara Falls on the Canada side. Yes, the American side may have the more exuberant methods of viewing the falls, but the actual view from the Canadian side is spectacular. Because of extreme weather in the summer and the winter, if you plan on making a trip, try to go in the spring or autumn as to really enjoy the views.

Me at Niagra Falls  
7. Santorini, Greece

Greece is amazing in so many ways. The island life and history is abundant whether you go to mainland Greece, or one of the many islands. Perhaps it was the cafes with the breathtaking views, or the colorful roofs on all of the buildings, but of all of the places I had the pleasure to visit, Santorini was by far my favorite. 

8. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This is one of the places that has made my list that I have also not yet had the chance to visit. Charles Darwin actually came to this group of islands off of the coast of Ecuador and wrote his theory of evolution. Today, not much has changed since Darwin’s time and the Galapagos continues to be an untouched haven for nature lovers and animals alike. 

9. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio, another place I have yet to visit, iconic. It is easily one of the most readily identifiable cities in the world and not just because of its fabled carnival. The grand dame of South America, stretches out between rain forests and emerald half-mooned shaped bays with its two famous beaches, Copacabana and Ipanema, overlooked by the imposing Christ the Redeemer. It is a vibrant and youthful city fired by an inexhaustible energy that can be experienced on its beaches, its restaurants, and its nightlife.

10. New York, NY

Perhaps I’m biased with this one. I grew up in New York City, and I can honestly say that there is no place in the world (at least the parts I have had the pleasure to visit) like it. It truly is the city that never sleeps; there, you can find anything and everything around any corner. It is a city of opportunity and beauty amongst the concrete jungle.

Brooklyn Bridge

Central Park 

St. Patrick's Cathedral 

Times Square 
There you have it fashionistas. I hope you partook in the delight of touring the world with me. What are some of your favorite places in the world? Leave a comment below or write to me at Until next time...xoxo.


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