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Dirty Little Secrets of Old Hollywood Stars

By Sarah Baker 

We all know that everyone has secrets, no one is perfect. They can be huge like an affair or small like a lie they told, but a secret is a secret and we guard them with our lives. But why? We know everyone has them, we love to hear about other people’s secrets, but we can’t bear to have ours revealed. We all seem to have this do as I say not as I do attitude when it comes to secrets. We don’t want ours to be told, but we can’t wait to hear anyone else’s and gossip about it. This gossip rules our lives and gives us something to talk about when there is a lull in the conversation. We can be very judgmental and cruel when someone else’s secret comes out, but when our own is on the table, the tides quickly turn. 

Scandal... love triangle...bigamy...with Italian Goddess Sophia below to find out more...

The Degree of a Secret

There are different degrees of secrets. There is the little secret that might hurt someone for a brief time, but they would probably eventually get over it. There is the bigger secret that could ruin someone or a friendship if it is gotten out. And there is the biggest secret that could lead to death or incarceration. Depending on how big, bad, illegal or who you might be hurting depends on how desperately we hold on to them.

Trying to Keep a Secret Isn’t Easy

As creatures of gossip, we can’t seem to keep our own secrets to ourselves, so we tell one or two people that we think we can trust with our lives. It makes us feel better to get it off our chests. Unfortunately, those people can’t always be trusted. Give them the need to talk about something interesting or give them a little bit of alcohol and our secret is out. This isn’t the only way they come out. We tend to hold on to pieces of them, either emotionally or physically, that eventually gets stumbled upon by someone who then reveals it. 

Here are some secrets of some old Hollywood stars.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren was involved in a love triangle between Cary Grant and Carlo Ponti. She ultimately chose Ponti and they married in 1957. However, this was not entirely legal. Complications from his first marriages annulment caused problems. To prevent the bigamy charges that were impending, their union wasn’t officially and legally recognized in Italy for another decade. 

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe wasn’t one to have many secrets, or at least they didn’t stay a secret for long. There were rumors and murmurings that she was bisexual. There was also the whole JFK/RFK scandal and the controversy surrounding her death (was it murder or overdose). As well she openly admitted to doing whatever it took to get ahead in Hollywood after she finally made it. 

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch looks amazing for her age, which she credits to yoga, drinking mineral water, constantly being on a diet, and eating fresh fruits and veggies. However, everyone else isn’t so sure that is the case. There are many “plastic surgeon experts” who say that it is likely that she has had a facelift, nose job, Botox, and filler injections as well as possible breast augmentation. 

Raquel Welch in her late 20s (in the 1960s)
Raquel Welch in her early 70s (now)
Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was watched by the FBI for years because of a possible link to the Mafia due to the people that he was associating with. He also had an affair with Ava Gardner while still married to his wife Nancy. He was racked with depression and had his fair share of prostitutes.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor had an addiction to pain killers and sleeping pills for over 35 years. Then there is the affair she had with Richard Burton while she was married to Eddie Fisher. 

No matter how hard we try to hide our secrets, they all come out in the end. Whether it be after our death or much sooner, we are eventually betrayed by the ones that we trusted the most the keep our dirty little secrets. So, everyone has a secret, what’s yours?

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