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Top 5 Reasons to Ski in Sarajevo + Amazing Personal Videos

By Elma Beganovic
Photos/Videos by Nerina Hodzic Poplata and Martina Saira 

I spoke with two local girls (Club Fashionsita correspondent Nerina Hodzic Poplata and a local celebrity-fashionista Martina Saira), both of whom are avid skiers, about skiing in Sarajevo. They shared with me videos and some personal photos.  Let me provide you with a brief background on skiing in Sarajevo, the international buzz began with...

In 1984 Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics, and received much deserved attention for its breathtaking white peaks and its abundance of natural scenery. The main mountain to ski in Sarajevo is Jahorina, which hosted the women's alpine skiing in the 1984 Winter Olympics. Its highest peak is 6,276 feet tall, which makes it the second tallest mountain in Sarajevo and the paths very long (16 miles of ski trails). 

"It" Girl Martina Saira Skiing in Sarajevo 
So, why choose Sarajevo as your skiing destination? 
Our Top 5 Reasons...

(1) For starters, there are a fewer crowds than on the Alps.
(2) The prices are much lower than the rest of Europe's well-known resorts, e.g., ski and snoboard rentals are $14 per day.
(3) Both skiers and snowboarders are accommodated. 
(4) The locals are very friendly.
(5) The scenery is very authentic and all-natural, i.e. the opposite of commercial tourism. 

While photos are amazing to flip through, we wanted to provide you with a real review by recording a video from our recent skiing trip. Scroll down to see our experience. Until next time, XOXO adventure seekers and fashionistas... 

Early Morning on Ski Path Cetvorka (i.e.,Four) on
Mountain Bjelasnica in Sarajevo by Martina Saira
Fashionista &"It" Girl Martina Saira Skiing in Sarajevo
 on the Bjelasnica Mountain 
Top of Bjelasnica Mountain by Martina Saira 
Olympic Paths on Mountain Bjelasnica by Martina Saira 
Martina Saira Powder Skiing on Off-Roads on
 Bjelasnica Mountain
Club Fashionista Girl: Nerina H.P. Skiing in Sarajevo

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