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The Best Beach in Los Angeles Is...

By Senka H. 

Hello lovely fashionistas!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

As I sit writing this, my mind wanders to memories of warm weather, sun, and beach days. It’s been dreadfully cold over here on the East Coast, as many of you know, and I keep reminiscing of my time in Los Angeles in December. When I arrived there, it was 80 degrees. Yes, 80 degrees in the winter!

My best friend, Nadja, took me to Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Venice Beach, which is a beachfront neighborhood  in the Westside of L.A. and two miles south of Santa Monica, is a must for anyone who travels to California. There is a two and a half mile pedestrian promenade with performers, artists and other vendors. We had a great time exploring, tanning, and biking around. Enjoy our photos while I am still California dreaming...

Until next time, signing-off from the nation's capital. Xoxo.

With My Friend Nadja

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Unknown said...

I went to the Venice beach two years ago. I loved it so much! Wish I could live there…I would have my dream home there.


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