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Pleather Pants

By Amra B. 

Leather pants have been extremely popular this season, but I found that the best ones are the pleather jeans. I bought my pair of leather looking jeans in H&M. They are the first jeans/pants I ever bought from that store, and I must say that it was love at first sight. The pants are stretch, comfortable and fit like a glove. The outside is treated to look like leather and even if you were to touch them, they really seem like the real deal. The best part of these jeans is that no animal had to die in order to create them, and they keep me extremely warm even in -10 C weather. 

Also, I was able to borrow my father's sweater and wear it on this trip. I find that men's clothing is often made better: sweaters are thicker and longer (exactly what you need when you are on a mountain). I also wore his ski vest and I loved how it looked. Now, I am inspired to shop men's clothing before my ski trip next year. :)

I also paid a visit to one of my favorite stores, Louis Vuitton, and was quite surprised at the selection of handbags that were available in this small town. They had all the runway pieces (enough to leave me drooling over each and every bag). They also had vintage museum pieces (circa 1900s) that were not for sale. In the end I couldn't resists and I ended up buying a bag: will feature it in one of the next few posts. 

Wishing you an incredible week. XOXO

Outfit: Pleather pants H&M, boots UGGs, jacket Burberry, vest Ralph Lauren, sweater (my father's), purse Salvatore Ferragamo, sunnies Dolce&Gabbana 

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