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International Sensation HELENA SOPAR for Club Fashionista INTERVIEW


By Amra B. 

The first time I saw Helena Sopar was in the pages of American Marie Claire. I couldn't take my eyes of the beautiful editorial and this gorgeous girl; I quickly learned she was from Croatia and was not surprised when I saw the speed in which she was taking over the fashion world. Helena and I met in London while she was there for a shoot and immediately I was stricken with her ambition, intelligence, humility, and talent.

Helena Sopar 

Helena and I in one of London's most popular shopping destinations- Regent Street

Helena Sopar had graced the cover of numerous fashion magazines 
Helena and I in London 

Helena and I 
AB: What was the hardest part about leaving small-town Croatia and becoming an international top-model?

HS: I must admit that my journey was long and hard at times. It all started when I was 10 years old. I went to visit my cousins in New York City, and I remember phoning my mother right afterwards to tell her that I want to stay in NYC. At first, I wanted to attend school there because I always valued education and was quite studious. However, back then this was quite difficult as it was quite expensive to stay.

Helena in her agency (One Model Management) in NYC

Since my trip to the Big Apple, I realized that I did not want to just settle in small town Croatia (Novalja, Croatia, which is where I am from). I was certain that I had to escape and embark upon my own adventure. Hence, I left Novalja and settled in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.  There, I was signed by an international modeling agency. This was when my journey began…

I first started modeling when I was only 19 years old. I remember that this was particularly a tough period for me. I was a petrified teenager.  In fact, I could only fall asleep when the lights were on, and sometimes I would just cry myself to sleep.

Helena Sopar runway

Also, I would call my mother in the middle of the night sobbing. Despite of my fear, I was determined to make it and pursue my dream.  The most important fact was that I loved what I was doing, and I enjoyed every moment. The first six months were the hardest because I had to get used to the idea that I was on my own. Modeling turns your life upside down when you receive that sudden phone call telling you of a last minute casting in a different city or when dealing with canceled flights and lost luggage. Despite of all the stress, I kept going because I knew with each step I was closer to my dream of becoming an international top model. As time passed, I came to understand that the rift-raft around different countries and the unexpected shoots were all part of growing-up: becoming mature and learning about myself.

I came to understand that one of the most important moments in a person’s life is when one discovers what it is he/she actually wants out of life.  Moreover, it is important to understand that the path to our goals is filled with bumps; no journey to your destination is ever perfect.  The path to my dream consisted of me accepting a life of a nomad, i.e. living out of a suitcase in many different countries.

Helena is a darling of Marie Claire magazine which has featured her numerous times 

As my career progressed, the traveling became easier as I became acquainted with many of the cities and even made friends, whom I could visit and have dinner/coffee with when not shooting.  And when I traveled to destinations where I did not know a soul, I learned to explore and discover on my own. For instances, I would visit sites, take walks or go to the movies on my own. Not to mention, in the age of the Internet, it is a lot easier to stay in touch with family and friends through Skype and other smartphone applications.

Helena Sopar o the cover of French Marie Claire 

AB: How have you dealt with the critics from the fashion industry, and is it psychologically tough when the spotlight is on you? 

HS: Admittedly, it has been difficult to deal with criticism. The misconception about models is that we are naturally glamorous, well groomed and in turn confident. However, like any other human being, models have their insecurities and fears. In fact, most of the models I know, including myself, are quite shy.

During castings, a lot of judgment is involved when picking the “right” models for the shoot. The judging can be quite nerve wrecking because the opinions are directly voiced and often brutal. With that said, like anything else, overtime, you simply get used to it.  Accepting the insults and the judgment was part of the maturing process because I came to understand that this had nothing to do with my personally but was simply part of the job description. In fact, I learned to smile to the very same people who threw only ugly remarks at me. I knew in order to make it, I could not let the voices of others drown out my self-esteem and drag down my self-worth.

Helena Sopar as a face of ANEW 

AB: Have you witnessed some other models taking the criticism personally, and therefore self-eliminating themselves?

HS: Yes; in fact, I took the criticism very personally at first.  I would call my mother sobbing on the phone because I was just brutally insulted.

Many in the fashion industry did not like my look; comments such as “you are too skinny” or “you are too dark” were thwarted at me left and right. In the beginning, I took it to my heart: in the summer, I would stay indoors during the day to avoid the sunrays and becoming darker.  When I did go out, I would wear huge hats and all of my friends quickly learned that I could not join them at the pool for a dip on a hot summer’s day until after the sun began to set.  However, with time, I realized that my bronze skin color was a part of me: if a casting director wanted a blue eyed blond girl, he or she would never pick me, no matter how much I stayed away from the sun’s rays. I can talk about the “issue” with my skin color now because a lot of time has passed since I started modeling (I began modeling eight years ago).

I am mainly discussing this to share the difficulties I underwent with young girls who are just starting in the modeling industry. In the modeling industry, you have to grow thick skin if you want to walk out healthy and sane.

Helena Sopar as a face of La Roche 

Helena Sopar as a face for Clarins 
I came to understand that everyone goes through criticism, and that I was not going to be an exception. The irony over my skin “issue” was that a good friend of mine, who is also a model, was constantly sent to tanning beds because she looked too much like Casper.  Thus, I learned to embrace who I was and what I looked like.  There would always be someone who was your fan because, after all, we all have different tastes and preferences: for someone you may be the most gorgeous girl in the world and for another person, you may be completely the opposite.

Helena Sopar as a face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics 

Helena Sopar for Lucky Brand 

AB: As a professional model, are there any beauty tips you can share with women who are constantly on the go?

HS: Yes, there are four beauty tips I would like to share:

1. Quinoa: When I first started modeling, I would eat a lot of fast food. Afterwards, I began getting sick, and I realized that I had to change something. I began reading books on health and began researching on how to maintain a nutritious/healthy diet. I quickly realized that the saying "you are what you eat" had a LOT of merit. Don't get me wrong, I too have my guilty pleasures. For example, I tend to eat a lot of chocolate. This is something that I am simply not willing to give up. On the other hand, I try to eat healthy as much as I can. When I am doing a shoot for a day or two, I always order a huge breakfast in my hotel room. For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I eat eggs and cereal to which I add cinnamon, honey, bananas, and other fruit. For lunch, I try to eat some protein like fish or meat. One BEAUTY TIP that I have is: eat quinoa! I like to eat it as a salad with salmon, avocado and tomatoes. Also, I like to make it with sautéed onions, peppers, and chicken. Even in the morning, I sometimes eat quinoa with a little bit of parmesan. 

Helena: "I would not give up chocolate for anything."

2. Manuka. This is honey from New Zealand that comes from bees consuming a plant that is only available in New Zealand. You can buy it in Whole Foods in the UK or the U.S. This honey has helped me strengthen my immune system, and in general, it has improved my health. Since I have started eating Manuka honey, I have managed to get rid of my gastritis (an inflammation of the lining of the stomach). My advice is to consume one tablespoon of Manuka honey per day or one tablespoon every two hours for those who suffer from an illness. I bring this honey with me wherever I go. 

Helena's photo of a store selling different types of honey

3. Water. I drink a lot of water in order to help maintain a regular sleeping pattern and biorhythm. Many people don't think I am older than 22-23, and this is because I hardly stay up late at night. I almost never go out and party late, and if I ever do, I reserve this for special occasions when I am home with my friends and family. I believe that if you maintain a healthy diet and have adequate sleep, it becomes apparent in how you look.  

Helena on the beach in her native Croatia 

Helena in her native Croatia 

4. Sports. I would recommend yoga, Pilates, boxing and all other activities that help rid us of stress. I go to the gym around 3-4 times a week. 

One of Helena's favorite sports: boxing! 

AB: How do you deal with constant traveling and jet-lag?

HS: There is not quick-fix to get over jet-lag. However, I do have some tips and tricks…

Helena feels right at home in NYC 

In the beginning, it would take some time to get used to the jet lag. I tried taking sleeping pills in order to get used to the time difference quicker. However, I would not feel well afterwards. For example, one time I had traveled in just six days from New York  City to L.A., and then from L.A. to NYC, and right afterwards into Germany. That particular week I had hardly slept the entire week. Even though my job can be quite demanding, I try and deal with this by drinking a lot of water. I have also noticed that on many of the shootings there will be healthy food available. I try and re-energize myself by eating lots of greens, fish and other protein. 

Moreover, I found that autosuggestion helps me a lot!  For instance, even when I am very tired or jet lagged, I force myself to think positively and visualize myself successfully completing a shoot. I take a bottle of water and "emergency Vitamin C," and I feel that this helps me maintain an energy level throughout the day. After my shoots, I make sure to get plenty of sleep and rest in my hotel room. 

Helena Sopar in American Marie Claire 

AB: How do you pack? Any tips?

HS: I have become a professional traveler, and I am incredibly skilled in packing and unpacking. My TIP for relaxed traveling is impeccable planning, including being an organized packer. Many times, I have had an agency call me from London at 6AM, and tell me that I need to pack in just two hours because they had already booked my flight from London to New York City. Now, I am able to pack and be ready to go in just 15 minutes (for a one month trip). 

In my suitcase you can find three garments bags in which I pack dresses, pants, shirts, and sweaters. My tip is to roll-up these there bags in order to prevent wrinkling.  Also, I place all of my shoes in the original shoe bags, and keep all my makeup in a makeup bag. Another tip is to bring light hangers, e.g., the ones for dry cleaning work really well, on which to hang your clothes. This way, I am able to unpack in any hotel in just 5 minutes. 

Helena and her neatly organizes suit case (back)

AB: What are some positive and negative aspects of modeling that you think are important but not evident? 

HS: People only see the final product but they hardly recognize all the time, energy, and dedication that it took to achieve this result. For example, once I traveled to Barcelona for a "location shoot," and I had to be up by 3 AM.  I was rushed for makeup and hair, which was finished in 2 hours. We had to be done by 5AM so that we could quickly eat breakfast and catch the sunrise, which is considered to be some of the best light for shooting.  I would then shoot all day and sometimes even into the evening. People often do not understand all the work that goes into producing one good photograph; they assume I only stand there while someone shoots me. 

Helena Sopar for Mexican Vogue  

Helena Soper in Louis Vuitton catalogue

Every time I have a shoot, I do some research. In order to be truly good in my industry, you have to understand what the client is looking for. I ask for more information on the mood that they expect, and what is expected of me. Then, I transform myself into this role. In order to be a good model, I create special energy that is visible on the picture. My job is to create something that will entice the audience to look at the final photo and purchase whatever the client is selling. For me, modeling is like acting. When I arrive on the set, I create pictures in my head: sometimes I am sad and sometimes I laugh. 

Helena Sopar behind the scenes while shooting for American Glamour magazine 

Other difficulties include bad weather and difficult setting.  For example, I once had a shoot in a bikini on a rooftop in NYC, and it was -15 C outside. My hair was wet in the cold, and I had to pretend that I was having an amazing time, and that it was really warm outside. There are many uncomfortable situations models have to deal with. What is glamorous is only on the final photo. We are all there to create some form of "art form":  the makeup artist is like a painter and the hairdresser is like a sculptor. I don't like it when people dismiss the fashion industry as something superficial, i.e., only skin deep. That is simply NOT TRUE! Without fashion, this world would look entirely different; we all would. I believe that fashion is important because it gives us an ability to express our personality through our clothing, i.e., style. 

Helena while preparing for a shoot 

AB: What are some of the best parts of going back home to Croatia and what are some of the worst? 

HS: The best part about going back home is having a chance to spend some quality time with my family. If I had a chance to take them with me to all of my trips, I feel like my life would be just perfect. Of course, I miss eating all the traditional Croatian dishes such as "sarma" or eating the homemade soup and crepes my mom makes. I miss the feeling I have of someone "taking care of me." I miss the warmth of my home and my country. Once in a while, I feel like I have to fly back home just to refuel and become re-inspired. My entire family gives me the strength needed to pursue my dreams. They are the most important in my life. 

Helena with her sister Tamara while visiting her native Croatia 

Helena Sopar winning "Elle Style Award" in Croatia (2013) 

On the other hand, I feel that Croatia is still quite a close-minded society. We have yet to establish opportunities for individuals desiring to express themselves in different mediums. Many times, I have noticed that in Croatia, we are not as tolerant of differences as in the U.S. and in the U.K., and that individuals expressing themselves in a non-conforming ways are not tolerated by the society.

As much as I do love coming home, I often begin to yearn traveling if I stay in Croatia too long. Even though I love my country very much, I believe that my future is in travel and exploration of different cultures and countries. The beauty of life lies in variety. 

Helena Sopar on the streets of Zagreb, Croatia (2014)

AB: What does the future hold for Helena Sopar? 

HS: My passion is in acting, and I have already acted in several movies. My plan is to pursue an acting career in addition to modeling.  Also, I plan to strengthen my acting skills in LA and/or NYC. For me, acting is an art form that allows me to express myself and project my current feelings into a role. It is quite therapeutic. Also, I have started designing clothing as a hobby, and I hope that one day I could further work on my designs. 

Helena Šopar and actor Brian Geraghty in Mind Games for Zadar, Croatia’s Noir Festival

Helena Sopar in Last Sunshine 

One of Helena's designs 

Another one of Helena's design 

Thank you very much for the time. I very much enjoyed our style and beauty chats. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and look forward to seeing more of your exciting projects. To keep-up with Helena’s worldly escapades, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Prvit put sam zapazila Helenu Sopar na stranicama Americkog magazina: Marie-Claire. Nisam mogla da skinem pogleda sa prekrasnih prizora i ove izuzetne ljepote. Ubrzo sam saznala da Helena dolazi iz Hrvatske i nimalo me nije iznenadilo to sto je velikom brzinom osvojila svijet mode. Helena i ja smo se upoznale u Londonu dok je ona snimala jedan editorijal i odmah pronasle da imamo dosta zajednickog. Helena me odusevila njenom ambicijom, inteligencijom, prizemljenoscu i talentom.  

Helena Sopar on the cover of Stiletto Magazine 

AB: Kako je izgledao tvoj prvi odlazak od kuce i ulazak u svijet mode?

HS: Bilo mi je tesko. Kad sam imala 10 godina otisla sam prvi put u New York kod svojih rodjaka. Tada sam nazvala mamu i rekla joj da cu zivjeti u New Yorku. Ispocetka sam htjela da pohadjam skolu tamo jer sam uvijek bila dobar ucenik, medjutim to je bilo uzasno skupo. Od tog trenutka sam znala da ja ne zelim da ostanem u mjestu u kojem sam rodena. Ja sam odrasla u Novalji na Pagu (Hrvatska) i od malena sam mami govorila da je meni to mjesto premaleno i da ja moram da idem. Poslije sam otputovala u Zagreb i iz Zagreba kasnije vani zbog posla. 

Helena Sopar in New York City 

Bio mi je 19 godina kad sam se prvi put pocela baviti manekentsvom. Sjecam se da mi je bilo jako tesko. Stalno sam plakala i cak bih spavala sa upaljenim svjetlom u hotelskoj sobi. Mamu bih takodjer zvala usred noci ali ni na kraj pameti mi nije bilo da se vratim. Zaista sam voljela svoj posao i uzivala sam u njemu. Pamtim da mi je taj prvi period od 6 mjeseci do godinu dana bio najtezi jer sam se morala naviknuti da budem sama. Posao je sam od sebe stresan pogotovo jer se sama nosis sa cestim putovanjima i svim problemima oko toga kao sto su kasnjenje aviona i gubljenje prtljaga. Najteze mi je bilo sto sam sav taj stres morala da prezivim sama. Iako sam prolazila kroz tezak period, znala sam da ce biti OK. Znala sam da je to samo jedan proces odrastanja. 

Mislim da je najbitnije u zivotu znati sta zelis. Ja sam znala od malena sta zelim. Kako doci do toga, nekad je put tezi a nekad laksi i nijedan put nije savrsen. Prvih par mjeseci do godinu dana su  bili dosta teski ali sam se brzo navikla. Sada, kad putujem, to je drugacije jer poznajem dosta gradova u koje odlazim i imam puno prijatelja po cijelom svijetu. Ako odem u grad u kojem nemam prijatelja, to mi ne pada toliko tesko. Vec sam naviknuta da idem sama u kino i sama da setam. Takodjer, telefoni i skype mi omoguce da sam uvijek povezana sa svim najblizim. 

Helena Sopar on the cover of a Croatian magazine Gloria Glam 

AB: Kako si se nosila sa kritikama modne industrije i jeli ti tesko padalo to sto imas sve oci uperene u tebe za vrijeme kastinga i snimanja?

HS: Tesko je jer koliko god ljudi mislili kad vide modele uredjene, njegovane i samosvjesne, mi svi imamo svoje strahove. Vecina modela koje ja znam, ukljucujuci samu sebe, su jako sramezljive djevojke. Vecinu snimanja na koje idem, ja ulazim sa svojom book-om, i ljudi me ocjenjuju. Naravno da je to tesko psihicki ali se naviknes. To je takodjer jedan proces sazrijevanja; bude ti tesko jer neki od casting-a znaju biti dosta direktni. Ja sam jednostavno prestala to uzimati osobno i prihvatila sam to kao dio posla. Shvatila sam da neke kritike nemaju veze samnom i ko sam ja. Naucila sam da cak budem ljubazna prema ljudima koji su ponekad neljubazni i uzvratim im sa osmjehom. Naucis se nedopustati da ti iko utice na vjeru u sebe. 

Helena Sopar on a shoot

AB: Jesi li ikada dozivjela da neke od djevojaka na castinzima uzmaju to jako osobno? 

HS: Ja sam prva imala faze gdje sam zvala mamu i plakala govoreci kako su na castingu rekli nesto sto me uvrijedilo. Bilo je dosta ljudi kojima se nije dopadao neki aspekt mog izgleda. Nekad sam komentare poput "premrsava si", "pretamna si" primala srcu. Medjutim ubrzo sam shvatila da je kritikovanje cesta pojava i da niko nije izuzetak: imala sam prijateljicu koja je potpuno svijetle puti, sa svijetlo plavom kosom i ocima i nju su tjerali da ide u solarij. Poslije sam shvatila da je najvaznije da ti "embrace who you are", da si zadovoljan sam sa sobom. Kad prihvatis sebe onda postizes i naj rezultate: pocnes da zracis. Shvatila sam, da neovisno od osobe, svi mi imamo razlicite ukuse. Takodjer, za neciji ukus je jedan model bolji a za drugu osobu to ce biti potpuno drugi model. Na pocetku ja sam to dosta uzimala srcu: ljeti sam znala ne izlaziti po suncu cijeli dan da ne bih pocrnila. Znala sam nositi citavo ljeto ogromne sesire i znalo se da ja ne idem na kupanje do poslije 5 popodne. Shvatala sam to jako ozbiljno (to je moj posao na kraju) i ako mi je neko rekao da ne smijem pocrniti, ja ne bih pocrnila. Poslije sam shvatila da je to besmisleno, jer ako neko zeli plavu djevojku nikada nece uzeti mene ma koliko god se ja cuvala od sunca i bila blijeda. Ja sada mogu sa lakocom da pricam o tome jer je proslo 7-8 godina od kako sam u modnoj industriji. Medjutim, kad se sjetim svojih pocetaka uzasno mi je tesko i jako suosjecam sa djevojkama koje tek pocinju. Mislim da za ovu industriju moras biti jak karakter da bi zdrav izasao iz svega toga. 

Helena on the cover of a Croatian magazine "The Best Shop"

AB: Kao profesionalna manekenka, imas li neke savjete za ljepotu za zene koje su dosta zauzete? 

HS: ISHRANA: Kad sam tek pocela sa ovim poslom jela sam dosta brzo pripremljene hrane. U to vrijeme bila sam stalno bolesna. Shvatila sam da moram nesto promijeniti. Koristila sam vrijeme dok putujem kako bih citala knjige o zdravoj ishrani i zdravom nacinu zivota generalno. Brzo sam spoznala da je istina to sta kazu: "Ti si ono sto jedes". Ja imam svoje "poroke": napr. jedem jako puno cokolade. Toga se ne bih odrekla za bilo sta. Sa druge strane, nastojim da jedem zdravo koliko god mogu. Kad dodjem na snimanje na jedan ili dva dana u hotelu obavezno doruckujem. Meni je inace dorucak jedan od najbitnijih obroka u toku dana i volim da pojedem jaja i pahuljice (u koje ja stavim cimeta, meda, banana i drugog voca). Vazno mi je da je dorucak obilan. Za rucak pokusavam da uzmem vise proteina, kao na primjer ribu ili meso. 

Helena with her trusted Nutella 

QUINOA: Moj prvi "beauty tip" je quinoa! Volim ga jesti kao hladnu salatu sa lososom, avokadom i rajcicama, volim ga jesti sa przenim lukom, piletinom i paprikom. Cak ujutru nekada znam da napravim quinoa sa malo parmezana odozgo i to mi je isto super. 

MANKUKA: Drugi "beauty tip" je MANUKA med! To je med iz Novog Zelanda i on se samo proizvodi tamo. Moze se kupiti u Whole Foods u UK i USA. Meni taj med jako pomaze sa imunitetom i generalno mi poboljsava zdravlje. Ja sam u jednom trenutky bolovala od gastritisa koji sam dobila od stresa. Od kako sam pocela da jedem Manuka med svakodnevno gastritis mi je  potpuno nestao. Ja bih savjetovala da  se jede jedna kasika svaka dva sata za one ljude koji boluju od necega, i jedna kasika dnevno za odrzavanje imuniteta i generalnog zdravlja. Ja nosim taj med sa sobom na kastinge i snimanja. 

VODA I SAN: Treci "beauty tip" je VODA i odrzavanje zdravog sna i bio ritma. Meni dosta ljudi ne daje vise od 22-23 godine, a to je zato sto ja rijetko kad idem vani uvece. Jedino izadjem kad sam kod kuce i tada se malo opustim jer znam da ne moram raditi. Mislim da se zdrava prehranu i dobar san jako vidi na nasem izgledu. 

SPORT: Cetvrti "beauty tip" je sport. Svima bih preporucila yogu, pilates, boks i sve aktivnosti koje pomazu da se mi oslobodimo od stresa. Ja posjecujem teretanu oko 3-4 puta sedmicno. 

Helena Sopar for Bobbi Brown

AB: Kako se nosis sa cestim putovanjima i jet lag-om? 

HS: Na pocetku mi je trebalo malo vremena da se naviknem. Probala sam tablete za spavanje kako bih podnosila bolje jet lag, vremensku razliku, medjutim bilo mi je jako lose od toga. Ja sam znala putovati iz New Yorka za LA, pa iz LA-a nazad za New York, onda bih odmah sjela na drugi avion koji je isao za Njemacku.  Tu sedmicu skoro 6 dana nisam uopste spavala. Iako mi je posao nekada naporan ja pokusavam da se nosim sa time tako sto pijem uzasno puno vode.  Primijetila sam takodjer da i na snimanjima sada sluze zdravu hranu (sto prije nije bilo uobicajeno) kao ribu, meso i salatu. 

Helena Sopar with legendary hair stylist Max Pinnell

Meni takodjer dosta pomaze autosugestija. Cak i onda kad sam dosta umorna od jet lag-a, ja sebe mentalno natjeram da razmisljam pozitivno i da ubijedim sebe da cu posao uvijek odraditi najbolje sto moze. U tom slucaju znam otici na snimanje sa bocom vode i "emergency" Vitaminom C sto mi pomogne da izdrzim radni dan i onda se naposlijetku zasluzeno odmorim u hotelu.  

Helena Sopar on the cover of Stella magazine 

AB: Imas li neke "tips" za pakovanje?

HS: Ja sam profesionalni putnik i meni pakovanje i raspakivanje ne predstavlja nikakav problem. Moj tip za putovanje bez stresa je dobra organizacija (ukljucujuci lagano pakovanje). Cesto mi se desavalo da me agencija iz Londona nazove u 6 ujutru i kaze da se spakujem u roku od 2 sata jer imam zakazan let iz New Yorka u London. Sad mogu da se spakujem za 15 minuta za jednomjesecni boravak. Moje pakovanje se sastoji od 3 "garment bags" u koje smjestim haljine, hlace, i veste/majice. Naposlijetku, svaku od garment bags srolam da bih sprijecila guzvanje. Takodjer imam platnene kese za cipele i neseser za sminku. Uvijek ponesem lagane vjesalice za hemijsko ciscenje i u svakom hotelu se raspakujem u roku od 5 minuta. 

Helena for Spain's Harpers Bazaar

AB: Koje su to od nekih pozitivnih i negativnih strana manekenstva koje nisu toliko ocigledne ljudima koji se ne bave tim poslom? 

HS: Ljudi vide finalnu sliku, ali ne vide trud i odricanje kroz koje manekenke prolaze. Na primjer, kad sam snimala u Barceloni "location shoot" ja sam morala da se budim u 3 ujutru i idem pravo u sobu sminkerice i frizera gdje ostanem oko 2 sata. Do 5 ujutru mi moramo da budemo spremni. Na poslijetku pojedemo dorucak i do 6 ujutru smo na setu. Izlazak sunca i zalazak sunca je najljepse svjetlo. Na poslu ostanem cijeli dan. Ljudi ne razumiju sta stoji iza fotografija: moj posao nije samo da stojim i slikam se. Ja na svakom snimanju pitam o cemu se tu radi. Kakvo raspolozenje zelite i sta od mene ocekujete. Ja moram onda da se transformisem u tu ulogu. Da bih bila dobar model, ja moram da kreiram specijalnu energiju koja se vidi na slici; moj posao je da stvorim nesto sto ce privuci publiku i prodati to sto klijent nudi. 

Helena can't escape her campaigns: she finds them in every pharmacy she visits :)

Meni je manekenstvo kao gluma. Kad dodjem na set, ja stvorim sebi filmove u glavi: pomalo sam tuzna, pa sretna. Takodjer, nekad su prilike idealne a nekad budu katastrofa. Na primjer desilo mi se da snimam u NYC na -15C u bikinuju sa mokrom kosom i moram se pretvarati da se zabavljam i da je toplo. Drugi put mi se znalo desiti da je cijeli dan kisa i da imamo samo sat vremena da snimimo slike koje trebamo. Svakakvih situacija tu zna da bude. Glamur je samo zavrsna slika a iza nje stoji samo rad. Mi smo svi tu da stvorimo jednu vrstu "umjetnosti": makeup artist je kao slikar, frizer takodjer mora stvoriti nesto sto je lijepo i privlacno ljudima. Ja ne volim kada ljudi omalovazavaju modu i misle da je tu bitan samo vanjski izgled i da to ne moze biti "duboko". To nije istina! Da nema mode i da nema dizajnera ni modela ovaj svijet bi drugacije izgledao. Mi bi svi drugacije izgledali!  Mislim da je moda bitna ukoliko nam daje mogucnost da izrazavamo nasu osobnost kroz nase odijevanje (stil). 

Helena Sopar in Croatian ELLE magazine 

AB: Koje su ti najdraze stvari vezano za povratak kuci u Hrvatsku, a koje su najgore? 

HS: Lijepe strane su da je tu moja obitelj i moja sestra. Da njih mogu povesti sa sobom vani moj zivot bi bio savrsen. Naravno zudim za sarmama, da mi mama skuha juhu i napravi palacinke. Da lezim i da neko pazi na mene. Nedostaje mi ta toplina. Ja se istrosim i odem doma da napunim baterije. Cijela moja familija daje mi snagu za dalje i za putovanja i to je meni najbitnije na svijetu. Sa druge strane, mislim da je Hrvatska jos uvijek malo zatvorena sredina i da jos uvijek nismo dosegli mogucnost individualnog izrazavanja koje postoji u UK i USA. Dosta puta sam primjetila da mi bas ne trpimo raznolikost i da u jednu ruku neki individualni expressions mogu biti kaznjeni od strane sredine. Koliko definitvno volim dolaziti doma, moram priznat da nakon odredjenog vremena pocnem osjecati veliku potrebu da opet otputujem. Iako volim svoju domovinu, mislim da je moja buducnost vezana sa putovanja i istrazivanje razlicitih kultura i gradova. Ljepota zivota je u raznolikosti. 

Helena Sopar on the streets of Zagreb 

AB: Sta buducnost nosi za Helenu Sopar? 

HS: Moja strast je gluma i vec sam glumila u par filmova/serija, ukljucujuci: Mind Games, Last Sunshine i Inbetween Engagements.  Moj plan je da na kraju karijere modela vise istrazujem svijet glume i da se posvetim usavrsavanju svojih glumackih sposobnosti.  Za mene je gluma umjetnost koja mi daje mogucnost da ispoljim sebe i da projeciram svoja trenutna osjecanja u ulogu. 

Takodjer, pocela sam da dizajniram odjecu onako iz hobija i voljela bih mozda jedan dan pretvoriti to u nesto vise (neke od Heleninih komada odjece mozete pogledati ispod). 

One of Helena's designs 

Helena Sopar in the movie "In Between Engagements" 

AB: Helena, hvala ti na vremenu. Od srca ti zelimo puno srece i jedva cekamo da vidimo tvoje sljedece projekte. Helenu mozete pratiti na njenoj Facebook stranici i Instagramu

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