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Sporty Chic

By Amra B. 

I am in a really great mood these days. I think that a quote I read recently about simplifying life has really helped me feel better. Healthy routine of exercise, eating raw food as much as possible, and disconnecting from technology whenever I can has helped me feel great. I also have given up caffeine; actually, I have been trying to kick this habit for some time now, but about a month ago I officially ended my caffeine consumption. I still drink coffee (I love the taste and nothing beats the feeling of having a cup over a "gossip session" with friends LOL), but I make sure it is a decaf latte. 

I have also been trying to simplify my wardrobe, and these days I am a big fan of sporty chic. I am crazy about sweatshirts because they are comfortable and keep me warm. I am also sticking to skinny jeans that stretch: they fit really well but let me breathe... My advice is to mix and match short and long layers: if your sweater reaches your hips, wear an oversized coat. If your sweater is long, it will look really well with a short-leather-biker jacket. Short sweater combined with a short jacket visually adds weight, especially if you are wearing fitted jeans or pants. Keep one piece of clothing (on the top or bottom) loose and/or long. 

Hope you stay warm this week! :) 

Outfit*** Kenzo sweater, Intermix white t-shirt, Bershka jeans, Zara coat, Gucci purse (shoulder strap from a Louis Vuitton purse), Ash sneakers, Forever 21 necklace, Nordstrom gloves 

With the Christmas donkeys in Mayfair, London


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