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December Lights

By Amra B. 

London is in full preparation for Christmas mode: streets are beautifully decorated, shops are sparkling with Christmas ornaments, people are frantically running around with shopping bags, and everywhere I go I can hear Christmas carols. One thing I have to admit is that shopping in UK is not as nearly as exciting as in USA: there is no Black Friday and major sales that occur right after Thanksgiving. Instead, everything is fully priced and more expensive than in USA (luckily, I finished all my shopping right before I arrived to London). 

There is something really special about each season, and I adore winter for all the beautiful Christmas decorations, warm drinks I can cozy up to (apple cider and hot chocolate are my favorite), woodsy candles that smell like pine trees, and family time I get to spend chatting next to a fire place (in winter, fire place is everyones favorite spot in the house). Although it can be little challenging to brave the cold weather in London during winter, there is also something special to enjoy this season. So, get out, take a breath of fresh (cold) air, and enjoy this season like when you were a child: take a walk and soak up all the beautiful lights, ornaments, smells, and drink all the cider and hot chocolate you want! 

Wishing you a wonderful week! 


Outfit* Dress Tommy Hilfiger, belt and purse Burberry, shirt Bershka, jacket Mango, boots Jimmy Choo, hat vintage 

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