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Hawaii and the Healing Power of the Sea

By Rachel Burt

Hawaii and the Healing Power of the Sea

You can find many of the women in Hawaii with long silky hair, golden sun-kissed skin, lounging in their bikini and flip flops all day. Ever wonder what is the secret to keeping their raw beauty for so long?

Me in Hawaii
Wainani (beautiful water) can relate to what has been known for centuries: that the ocean is not only the source of life, but its salt infused waters are super cleansing and amazing for skin care. Scientific studies show that the Kai (Ocean, Sea) has biological balancing effects that help eliminate toxins, release poisons in fat deposits, decrease inflammation and improve circulation in our blood. Hawaii is especially circulated by international waters, offering its oceans the purest salt water for healing and beauty. The power of its sea water cleanses us by relieving our mental stress and detoxifying our bodies. This salt can be used as an excellent exfoliant removing dead skin cells and helping to minimize cellulite. In other words, it helps keep your skin radiant and glowing!

Swimming and Sunbathing in Hawaii
Just Imagine, water is the fountain of youth, helping give us better skin, better metabolism, better mood, less cravings, improved digestion, an ability to concentrate more. That's all just from drinking it, imagine getting out and jumping in a whole body of it? When I was living in Hawaii, I started to crave in the early mornings to wake-up and diving in the ocean before work. It helped jump start my day feeling alive without any stimulants at all. Then I realized all the amazing affects it had on my skin.

Hawaiian Sea Salt Remedies

Bath soaks: Pure hawaiian sea salt can be used in hot baths for healing and soothing purposes. It helps relieve inflammation as well as infections. 

Beauty Care: Sea salt can be used to make homemade scrubs for highly abrasive exfoliations to remove dead skin cells and minimize cellulite. Also, it gives a longer lasting tan. 

Alba botanic is a well known natural hawaiian skincare and beauty line that make excellent sea salt scrubs, which are made exclusively from the Pacific waters. They can be mixed with other polynesian secrets such as macadamia, jojoba, avocado and almond oil to help moisturize, soften and hydrate skin.

Cooking: Many Hawaiians use the unprocessed pure sea salt for cooking and flavor as well. 

In Hawaii, beauty is all about connecting to nature. Hawaiians use their surroundings as beauty secrets. Sea salt is not the only secret. Algae, coconut oil, coffee, macadamia, flower and herbal essences are all natures gifts.

Mahalo (thank you) Kai (Ocean) for your U'I, (youthful looking) properties.

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