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Digging for Gems in Your Closet

By Amra B. 

I believe in recycling old clothes and making them look new. While digging through my old stuff, I found a pair of old Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain boots. I remember how excited I was to get them, but eventually they found their way to one of my storage boxes, and were long forgotten (until recently). Re-discovering them was great: I felt like I went shopping and bought something I had wanted for years. Best part of finding old stuff: it is free! 

Reasons why we should dig through our old clothes: 

1. Don't be a slave to trends: some classic pieces are timeless and will look amazing no matter if you wore them five years ago or wear them now
2. No Copy Cats: chances are that if you buy a coat from the most recent collection in Zara, you will see ten other girls wearing it on the street. There is nothing that makes me regret a purchase more than when I see other girls running around wearing exact same pieces. Wearing some of my recycled clothing makes me feel special because many people no longer have it. 
3. You are guaranteed to find something you love: you picked out these clothes once upon a time, so chances are you will still like some of your choices. You are not diggining through a stranger's closet, you might have the same enthusiasm for chunky sweaters today as you did five years ago. 
4. It's free: spending money is fun, but getting things for free is even better. You can walk away with a fabulous find and not spend a penny on it (feels like an early Christmas). :)


Outfit*** Jacket Stella&Jamie, dress Nordstrom, boots Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain, sunnies Forever21 

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain SS 2010

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain SS 2010 (one of my fav collections from Balmain EVER)

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