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Create Your Own Style in 3 Steps

By Elma B.

The key to a unique and a good style is to combine eras and styles. For instance, I am a fan of the 1960s, elegance/glamour and the preppy look. Thus, I try to combine the three together. Here, my hairstyle with the bouffant is 1960s, the dress with the sailor stripes preppy, and the Chanel purse adds elegance.

My Look
To create your own look:

1. Look through different decades, e.g. 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, and decide which one best matches your personality. 
2. Add a twist to it, e.g., bohemian-chic = 1970s style + nomadic/non-burgeouis gypsies. 
3. Combine styles, e.g., elegance with grunge: a classic Chanel bag with black ripped jeans. 

Be creative and use your imagination. In another words, having your own style is not about copying others and mimicking their looks. When shopping, look for something different and unconventional; if you think "I have never seen this piece before" you may be staring at a piece of gem.    

Create your own style. Do not be copy, be your own unique self. Until next time...XOXO.

My Look

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