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What to Do in St. Tropez

By Amra B. 

Although the late night parties may be some of the best in the world, St Tropez has equally as much to offer during the day! One afternoon, I simply decided to go on exploring different parts by foot and perhaps find some spots I have not seen. After my every day brunch ritual in Cafe de Paris, I went on to walk the small streets up hill and check out different antique stores. 

The Citadel of St Tropez, or fortified castle, offers the most beautiful view of the city and the nearby beaches. It was a perfect spot to visit during a hot summer day, because the thick walls of the castle make the inside really cool. The Citadel was built between 1590 and 1607 to protect St. Tropez against enemies that have varied over the years, but most often the Spanish or English.  Personally, this spot would be one of the most romantic sights in the city if you want to have a glass of wine (hint* sneak it in yourself all the way to the top of the castle). Inside, you may read about stories of the fisherman, captains, and see other nautical memorabilia. 

Also, if you would like to shop while exploring the small streets, there are many vintage shops selling Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and much more. There are antique and modern art pieces that are absolutely beautiful as well. If you are a fan of Brigitte Bardot (as I am), you will be delighted to see numerous memorabilia devoted to her all around town. Many argue that it was Brigitte Bardot who singlehandedly made St Tropez into a popular destination for many jet setters around the world. Locals still view her as a town's heroine. 

Below are some of my photos. 


Ps. In case you are wondering about my outfit: Sunnies Dolce&Gabbana, purse Louis Vuitton, bikini and cover up Primark, shoes Zara, jewelry vintage purchased in Mykonos, Greece

Amazing view near port of St Tropez

Swimming and sun bathing spot near St Tropez center 

Small and charming streets of St Tropez

Nearby port of St Tropez

View from the entrance of Citadel of St Tropez
Breathtaking view 
Entrance to the Citadel de St Tropez
The Citadel of St Tropez
The Citadel of St Tropez
View from the Citadel of St Tropez 
View from the Citadel of St Tropez

View from the top of the Citadel of St Tropez

Entrance to the Citadel of St Tropez
Brigitte Bardot Art in St Tropez 

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