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Sailor Stripes

By Amra B. 

I learned recently that Breton stripes (sailor stripes) originated in France. It was the French sailors who made them so popular, but their look was no fashion matter: French law in 1858 decreed that all sailors in the navy had to wear them. The idea was that it would be easier to see them if they fell overboard. Later, they continued to be used by numerous designers and now have become a staple summer pattern. 

In sailor (and French) spirit, I wore my striped dress in the St Tropez port while enjoying a lazy afternoon. I felt this dress to be a perfect piece for the French Riviera (stripes look amazing on tanned skin). Below are some of my photos from the port of St Tropez. 


Outfit: Juicy Couture dress, Dolce&Gabbana sunnies, Louis Vuitton purse, Cartier and Marc Jacobs jewelry, Zara shoes, and straw hat

Sailors in Stripes 

Nautical Stripes Inspiration 

Jean Paul Gaultier

My version of French sailor stripes

St Tropez Port Panoramic View 


Taking a moment to enjoy the sunset...
Small waves crashing... 
Lonely Planet

Modern Stripes 

Vintage Stripes 

Bazaar 1954 stripes 

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