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Sights in St. Tropez

By Elma B.

On a hot summer sunny day, we decided instead of the usual party at the beach to roam around St. Tropez and explore.  As we were walking through the very narrow streets, we noticed how one street on the very east ascended and there was a sign for the "Citadel." I told my sister to follow the few tourists and that we would find this relatively not well known site. 

View from Our Mini-Hike to the Citadel
Me Enjoying a Brief Rest in the Shade
We braved the hot summer sun, and began walking up the hill...and it was all worth it. 

View from the Citadel in St. Tropez
The 17th century citadel overlooks St. Tropez to the east. Inside the citadel, there are old dungeons, which currently is a Naval Museum (Musee Naval) that explores the once fisher's village maritime history and WWII's events in 1944. 
Citadel from the Outside
Breathtaking View of the Seaside from the Citadel
Stunning View from the Citadel of the French Riviera 

The View from the Very Top of the Citadel 
Amphitheater at the Citadel 
Moreover, I want to break the stereotype that St. Tropez is only a town for glitz and glam; the east part of St. Tropez is very quaint and peaceful. The buildings along the seashore are bright yellow and there are quiet beaches made of tiny pebbles to the very east of St. Tropez. Tourists with families pass by or you will see the natives of St. Tropez enjoying the beach and the cool waters. Take a look at some of the photos of the charming and old-fashioned east part of St. Tropez. 

The French Riviera from the East


Sarah N said...

Welcome to St Tropez! Love this place!

Jet Setter said...

Les Caves, Senequier, Nikki...ahh, the good life!


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