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How to Match Patterns: 6 Simple Rules

By Elma B.

The first time I recognized pattern matching was in Gossip Girl; I was struck how well Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) and Blake Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) looked in an ensemble with so many different patterns. Afterwards, after a bit of research and watching Heidi Klum's Project Runway, I found out there are 6 simple and easy rules for pattern matching in fashion: 

1. Always always make sure that the patterns you are mixing are in matching colors; for instance, camel-like light brown goes well with navy blue. 

2. Mix Patterns That Belong to the Same Color Group: For instance, below, I am wearing patterns in various tones of blues. Also, I am wearing blue shoes to accompany my dress and jacket. 

3. Mixing understated patterns: Mixing understated patterns, e.g., thin stripes or tiny polka dots, can appear to the eye as solid material; hence, it is safe and visually stimulating to mix understated patterns. 

4. Mix patterns that complement eachother: for instance, stripes and florals or leopard and stripes. 

4. Do not mix head to toe in one pattern! The exception: if the patterns are of different color; for instance, you can mix leopard print in red with leopard print in pink. 

5. Separate the patterns: for instance, if your scarf is patterned, wear a patterned dress and not a patterned shirt; alternatively, wear a patterned shirt and patterned shoes. Remember, accessories are you friends in separating patterns. 

Me Matching Patterns
I hope you enjoyed these styling tips! Be brave when choosing clothing and remember there is no need to conform to the standard black, navy blue and gray. There is just something fabulous and beautiful in being unique whether it is via patterns or your attitude! Below you will find more photos of my outfit. Until next time...xoxo!

With My Sister in London

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