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Top 5 Summer Colors

By Elma B.

Just about everything in the summer is brighter: the sky, the sunshine, the flowers...and the colors! Most of us know that summer is the season to wear bright colors but just what are the summer colors? Here is my top ten pick:

1. Water Blue... because it reminds us of refreshing and cool body of water on a hot summer's day. 

Summer Colors Water Blue Worn by Jessica Alba 
2. Bright Orange...because it is a juicy color, which reminds of tangerines and freshly squeezed oranges. Tip: use orange as the color of your statement jewelry. 

Summer Color: Orange Worn by Blake Lively
3. White...because it gives a fresh clean look. Tip: use white as a base and then accessorize with a colorful purse, necklace and/or shoes. 

Summer Colors: White Worn by Eva Longoria 
4. Yellow... because it is bright and happy. Tip: pair yellow with a soft neutral like gray or white. 

Summer Colors: Yellow
Worn by Leighton Meester and Blake Lively in Gossip Girl
5. Pink...because it is flirty and playful. Tip: pair it with purple to dramatize your look; for women, use floral fabric with pink as a base to add a feminine touch. 

Me: Pink and Florals 
My top color picks for today: pink (with floral patterns), cream and white. Specifically, what I decided to do for today's look was to wear a dress-like top that had a cream color and on the top large and bright pink, orange and red flowers. Beneath the dress-like top, I wore a simple white linen skirt. I wore a vintage Miu Miu bag and my new Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. My jewelry was simple: a bracelet with trinkets and pearl earings. For my complete look, see the photos below. 

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