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Guanacaste Countryside in Costa Rica

By Elma B.

We had the delight and the pleasure of visiting the exotic providence of Gunacaste in Costa Rica; Guanacaste is located on the Pacific Ocean and borders Nicaragua to the north (it is in the northwestern part of the country). 

These photos were taken during a guided tour, which included a mini cruise along Laguna de Arenal, a tour of Gunacaste's countryside, and the sightseeing around the Arenal Volcano. In fact, the entire providence of Guanacaste is bounded on the east by a group of volcanoes forming the Cordillera de Guanacaste and the Cordillera de Tilaran. 

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica
The countryside was made of lush rolling hills, which are fertile pastures for the cattle. What made Guanacaste so exotic was the site of cattle coupled with iguanas and monkeys. In fact, it is usual to see several iguanas laying out on the road to catch the morning sun and monkeys lounging on tree branches or road posts. Another exotic animal that we spotted alongside the road: the two toed sloth, which are mammals only found in Central and South America. 

What really fascinated me about this trip was the Arenal volcano, which is an active volcano, conically shaped and with a crater spanning 140 meters (460 feet). The volcano was dormant for hundreds of years an in 1968 it erupted unexpectedly and destroyed the small town of Tabacon. Since 2010, the volcanic activity of the Arenal volcano seems to be decreases and explosions have become rare. 

For details of my trip, see my personal photos below. If you have any questions or comments, write us at or leave a comment below. Xo.

Me in front of the Arenal Volcano in Guanacaste, Costa Rica 

Guanacaste Countryside 

Guanacaste Countryside

Two Toed Sloth in Costa Rica
Laguna de Arenal
Monkey in Guanacaste 

Cattle in Guanacaste  
Fertile Red Soil in Guanacaste 
Laguna de Arenal in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica
 (On the Top: Sulfate Clouds)

Landscape and its Texture on the Arenal Volcano 

Iguana in Guanacaste 

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