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By Elma B.

My hometown of Sarajevo is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The city that once hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984 is a home to world's major four religions: Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Islam and Judaism. Within one rectangle, in central Sarajevo, one can find a cathedral, an Eastern Orthodox church, a mosque and a synagogue. 

The people are very friendly, and the city is very quaint. What always stuns me about the city are its gorgeous surrounding mountains, which are very much akin to the Swiss Alps (as the peaks are covered with snow even in May!). Another stunning factor is Sarajevo's architecture: the ancient Ottoman cobbled roads and mosques border the Austro-Hungarian churches and building facades. The city echoes with an imam praying on the mosque's minaret and the catholic church bells ringing. 

I took these photos a week ago on a sunny day in Sarajevo. All of the photos are mine and were taken on the same day. Take a look below, and I will describe what I captured. I hope you enjoy them, and have the opportunity to visit Sarajevo! Please leave your comments or questions below! 

The Catholic Cathedral in Central Sarajevo

The Austro-Hungarian Architecture in Central Sarajevo

Bey's Mosque in Central Sarajevo 

The Ottoman Architecture in Central Sarajevo

Ottoman-Like Bazaar in Central Sarajevo 

Cobble Stones Left Over from the Ottoman Empire 

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