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Outfit Ideas For a Party

By Elma B.

Before going out to a weekend party, many ladies across the world wonder what to wear. For women, picking out a perfect outfit has become almost a ritual. For instance, a woman will get ready, and go shopping with our friends to pick out just the right outfit for that night. Most women throughly enjoy the ritual, which consists of shopping, lunching, catching-up with our girlfriends, gossiping, stopping for a manicure and/or pedicure, and picking-up a few make-up necessities. 

So the main question remains to be answered: what are some outfit ideas for a party?

Well, first take into consideration your shape/weight and the colors that look best with your hair and skin tone. Second, always ask yourself what do you want your outfit to say about you?

My Look: In the photos below, my outfit idea for a party was simple: pair-up gray and gold. While I was living in Brussels, I saw in a window shop the most unlikely combination: gray and brown. In my mind, I would have never thought to pair-up those two colors but they looked amazing together. Thus, I picked a short and sleeveless gray dress with a sheer-silver neckline. My coat was gold, the embroidery pattern: huge flowers. My two necklaces: vintage and gold-ish. My handbag: a classic Burberry. My make up: red lipstick with a light shimmery brown eyeshadow. Stalkings: Wolford Luxe 9.

My Message: What did I want my outfit to convey to others? I am classic: I love elegance and fashion. Take a look at the photos below for details of my party outfit. 

Outfit Ideas For a Party: Gold Coat with a Burberry Handbag 
Outfit Ideas For a Party: Sleeveless Gray Dress 
Ideas For a Party: Hair--natural & messy

Ideas For a Party:
Red Lipstick With a Light-Brown-Shimmery Eyeshadow 
Shimmery Brown Eyeshadow Palette 
Light Brown Shimmery Eyeshadow 

Wolford Luxe 9 Stalkings

Dolce & Gabbana Red Lipstick
Outfit Ideas For a Party: Gold Coat 
Ideas For a Party: Brown Eyeshadow Palette With Shimmer 

Ideas for a Party: MAC Red Lipstick

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