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Everyday Makeup

By Amra B.

It is hard to feel inspired and beautiful when it is raining, windy, and cloudy outside. During those days, you usually just want to stay home and wait until the weather changes. However, I am getting used to the idea that you just have to dress for the occasion, and I do the same with my beauty routine. I have adapted my beauty routine to include a creamy cleanser for extra moisture, a serum, and a lotion. My skin is dry, and if you have oily skin, I would recommend using a gentle cleanser and a serum and skipping the face lotion during the day.  

As for the makeup, I brighten up my makeup by adding highlighter daily. I sometimes mix the highlighting powder with foundation and this gives me a healthy glow. I also use a touch of bronzer every day on my forehead and cheeks. It warms up my skin tone and give me just a little color. 
Below is a photo of my recent look. I used my pink blush as an eye shadow and really liked the effect. I also added a strong pink lipstick. What is your beauty routine like Fashionistas? XOXO

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