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Practical Fashion

By Amra B. 

I want both practical and glamorous! I want formal things that go equally well with jeans! I don’t want pieces I can wear only once in a while, but I need pieces that I can wear every day and feel fabulous! 
In London, I have learned how to be practical. The cold weather and the occasional rain have made me opt for more easy clothing and shoes I can wear on multiple occasions. My recent purchase in Tory Burch has made the transition between professional and casual really easy: my ankle black boots are prefect for office, walking around the city, and even a cocktail party. Below is my outfit from this past Saturday. Note* the amazing Miu Miu bag was steal (borrow really) from my BFF! Btw I adore it so much, I might just have to “borrow it” forever (just kidding) =). 

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