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Aspen at Night

By Elma B.

Our last night at Aspen, we decided to walk around the town at night and enjoy the holiday lights. Aspen is gorgeous at night as the colorful lights bring the town to life. There is even a store in Aspen called Jet Set, which began in 1969 in St. Moritz and became a favorite of celebrities and fashionistas for its luxury sportswear. 

I really enjoyed all the antique shops in Aspen; for example, Daniels Antiques had vintage Luis Vuitton, binoculars and other miscellaneous antiques. Moreover, the art galleries in Aspen are fairly abundant and their featured art pieces are gorgeous, I snapped a photo of one below.  For details of my night stroll along Aspen's main street (East Hyman Avenue), take a look at the photos below. 

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