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Natalie Wood: Old Hollywood's Sweetheart

By Elma B.

I took note of Natalie Wood, as did many, in the movie Rebel Without Cause, where she co-starred with James Dean. She was adorable, quirky and a marvelous actress. Natalie Wood was born in San Francisco to Russian parents. She began acting as a child and won her first major role in the American classic: Miracle On the 34th Street. In her young adulthood, she became famous in another two American classics: Splendor in the Grass and Westside Story. Tragically, America's sweetheart Natalie Wood drowned young (43) during her weekend trip to Santa Catalina Island, California. She will always remain one of the most beloved, adorable and unbelievably talented Hollywood actresses. For details, please see the photos below.

Natalie Wood (as a child) in Miracle on the 34th Street

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