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Flashback: Back to the Roaring '20s!

By Elma B.

One of my favorite looks goes back to 1920s with tweed jackets, flapper dresses, shorter hairstyles for women, and cloche hats. 1920s fashion became very liberating for women. Coco Chanel personally contributed as she began to make chic hats for women and designing clothes that helped  women rid themselves of the uncomfortable corsets and long skirts and dresses. The 1920s fashion said that it was OK to show your ankles and let your hair down without having it tightly pinned in a bun. The 1920s look was very chic yet minimalist and elegant. What do you think of the 1920s fashion? 
Me in Arlington, Virginia 
In additional to fashion, 1920s was a liberating period for women overall, e.g.,in the U.S., women gained the right to vote and began attending universities on a larger scale. A new wave of feminism rose as more women demanded rights equal to those of men. 

My outfit dissected: Tweed jacket: BCBG Max Azria; white skirt: Zara; black booties: Zara; purse: Chanel; pearls: Chanel; cloche hat: H&M; sunglasses: Prada; and white tank top: Intermix.  

In Spanish:

Uno de mis looks favoritos se traslada al 1920, las chaquetas de tweed y los sombreros cloche. El 1920 fue un período de liberación para las mujeres:en EE.UU., las mujeres obtuvieron el derecho al voto; comenzaron los modernos cortes de pelo, asistieron a las universidades, los vestidos se acortaron,etc. La década de 1920 era muy elegante y minimalista. ¿Qué pensáis de la moda de los años 20 fashionistas?


1920s Themed Wedding

Vintage Photo: Cloche Hat 1920s
1920s Fashion from the Film: The Artist 

Natalie Wood Mimicking the Style of the 1920s
Vintage Photo: 1920s Fashion

Old Photo: 1920s Fashion Vintage

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