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Exercise with Dog Walking

By Amra B. 

My best friend and I both have dogs, and we love to spend as much time as possible taking them out for a walk in the park and on the street. The perks of this fun activity is that we get to squeeze in exercise even on days we lack the motivation to break a sweat. 

Here are some fun facts about walking: 

1mile (1.6KM) = (roughly) 100 calories burned 

1 hour of walking at a normal speed= (roughly) 300 calories

1 hour of walking at a faster pace= (roughly) 400 calories

How much does this amount to in one week:

To loose 1 pound or (roughly .5 kg) in a week you need to burn around 400 calories a day. If you walk your dog every day for 1 month you can loose around 4 pounds or 2 kg (not bad for just walking your beloved pet for an hour each day). 

For me, an additional benefit (and equally important) is that my dog is healthier and I am happier as we both get our share of endorphins!


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