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Vintage 007 Movies: My Favorite James Bond Actor

By Amra B. 

In the light of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, which is coming out on November 9th, I have decided to reflect back on my favorite Bond actors and Bond girls. I am particularly fond of the vintage James Bond movies and its actors and actresses. The whole feel of the 1960s and 1970s movies seems much more truthful than today's Bond movies because the '60s and '70s perpetrate a more realistic detective story/vibe. I also am in love with the destinations that were picked for the filming of these movies and find that earlier movies emphasized the natural beauty of a location far more than the later Bond versions.

Favorite James Bond Actor:

My favorite James Bond, who is also my choice as one of the most handsome men ever, is Sean Connery. He epitomizes the masculinity that is required for such a “tough” character and balances this toughness with exceptional charm. Below are some photos of my favorite Sean Connery moments as James Bond (as well as Roger Moore, a James Bond actor who embodied similar unusual charm):

Sean Connery as James Bond 

Roger Moore: 

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