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Versailles Fashion

By Elma B.

The first time I visited Versailles, I was 19 years old. I was studying abroad in Paris. I would recommend that everyone visit Versailles during the summer since the gardens make up half of the tour. I remember the gardens vividly: the flowers, the carefully shaped bushes and the striking green. The most charming part was the far back because of the Marie Antoinette house across the pond. I remember my friend fell asleep on the lawn beneath a tree after being exhausted of touring the Versailles the entire day.

I should say something about the inside. The most memorable was the hall of mirrors. The room has gorgeous wooden floors, many large mirrors and jaw-dropping chandeliers. The rest: I remember the gorgeous drapery on the large windows and silk sheets that covered the many beds. In sum, the Versailles palace is one of the most gorgeous royal residence I have ever visited. Consequently, I have decided to show you Versailles through the various fashion shows (mainly Chanel and Christian Dior) that the palace has hosted. Many famous beauties, like Diane Kruger, Vanessa Paradis and Gisele Bundchen, have modeled in Versailles. For details, please see the photos below. 

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